Experience Spreadsheet (almost everything! except for crafting...)

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Hey so someone the other day asked about an experience chart, as in, how much experience each creature and block give when killed/mined, and to my knowledge there was no such thing, so in the lull between universes I took the time to kill stuff and mine and make us a shiny spreadsheet!

Anyhow -

It has comments turned on, so if you can get some of the things I’m missing from here, leave a comment on the sheet or in here and I’ll get it added.

I’d love to add crafting experience (and bulk, and mass) but that would take quite a lot of time and currently I am not in the mood to take quite that much time… but if someone wants to start working on it I will add them in slowly and surely. I guess we’ll see :slight_smile:


Wow that’s incredible! You do a lot for the community. It’ll be great to have a guide up on Steam for Launch that details a lot of this.

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I can convert it into a guide later, sure. Especially if anyone can help me fill in the last few gaps

Also, it seems that any block that’s a random, typical type block (glacier, ice, stones, refined stones, growth, etc) all give 4 xp

Need this for prestige?

Prestige is not even remotely this simple…

There is no way to quantify what a decorative wood block is going to give in prestige on your plot compared to another as you have the

Build Ratio = % Open air blocks compared to built blocks
Exotic Ratio= The Percent of blocks from another planet.
Variation %= How much any particular block is used.

So no single block will give the same prestige for everyone because of these factors.
You can get rough guess’s and ball parks but exact number’s would be difficult…

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Thank you for putting this together!

Cool. Nice work. Also remember the time we have before Sept 11, dooms day in america, we still have a chance to give some feedback. Some of those % could change a tiny bit eventually. But i’m sure you’re already prepared for it. Just don’t write the novel yet lol.


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Yeah, I know. But this didn’t take long and it’ll be pretty easy to update

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