Explain Please: Connected Bases!

Can someone explain how this works please?

I saw a very nice place near my settlement and I spoke to the owner, he said if I wanted to absorb him into my settlement I could.

I built a two plot width “road” from my base to his – then I lost all my prestige and my beacon said something like “This bridges multiple settlements and cant work” or something like that.

I am confused on what I am doing wrong – I thought if you touch a base with at least 2 plots and it goes to your settlement that new spot becomes part of the settlement?

I had my 1st base, then I made a long bridge that was 2 by like 15 and connected to another settlement, (after asking of course) and we merged just fine.

But as I stated above, I am trying to the same method a 2nd time, but it is giving me that too many settlements message.

Please explain to me

i ran into this issue also…i had to make the connecting road 2 plots wide inorder to resolve it

My road or whatever is 2 plots wide. Still not working.

im pretty sure it has to be at least 3 or 4 plots wide

Can anyone assist me please? I really cannot understand the logistics of this connection settlement thing.

I posted some tricks on another post to check where is the issue when connecting doesn’t work.
Sometimes you need 3 plot wide roads with 3 connections points to each settlement’s zone of influence.
The white dot is a moving player trying to merge everything under the grey settlement.

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Something I noticed yesterday while trying to solve our own issue in the Hamlet was that as you’re walking the road it does go from stating the Settlement name + (hamlet) to just the Beacon name, think that’s something Trizer mentioned previously, meaning that you aren’t technically in the “settlement” anymore, even if those plots are beaconed. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of prestige near these roads, since the game is basically requiring you to actually build along the road, not just built huge roads in order to absorb other peoples settlements?

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