Explaining Beacons and Settlements post Release 211


I answered whilst you wrote that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok this clarifies things thanks.

Anecdotally my shop stand at my main build are facing the outside on an inside plot. and I’ve just confirmed it’s not any problem to interact with them and not enter my beacon.

This neighbor has built his shop such that no shopper need ever enter his plot at all:

There are definitely some valuable
(literally rejecting coin) lessons to be learned here, thank you for taking the time to address these clearly.

Also I’ve just removed a beacon that I couldn’t unplot that has troubled me for weeks, thank you guys for that.


Thanks for the comprehensive write-up! The new system seems simpler and I’m sure we’ll all be thinking about this stuff a lot less once we’ve converted our civilization from chunk to plot resolution.


@james Actually that was entirely comprehensive and sure explains a lot.

sum up, the internal workings is calculating things differently, but in our behalf, and all we have to do is patch up some missing plots here there that may not be touching in and around our settlements. EASY!

Easy enough, because it’s very possible we missed a plot some where that we thought was taken. Thnx!


Did a dev reply to this tidbit, can’t seem to find it. I really want to know if this is the case, and if it is if it’s by design or that it is a bug.

If by design I don’t see any people aligning their beacons, heck I won’t do it with my own :slight_smile:


I have a single beacon settlement on Flan. Till now there were 2 names there - beacon name (Flan Villa) and the settlement name (Overglow). I aligned this beacon to my guild and despite of it not being a part of any larger town/city it still creates extra settlement slot and asks me to name it to preserve my identity.

So now its 3 names: Flan Villa (beacon) >> S.P.A. @ Flan (guild forced settlement) >> Overglow (pushed to “located in” section in my beacon info).

That’s an overkill.

Could we please have the single beacon settlements be excluded from this mechanic of pushing the guild aligned beacon to create an additional settlement name?
Actually, if there are a few beacons in a settlement but all belong to the same player (different alts), could we also avoid that mechanic kicking in? There is no need to protect identity there. Now it’s chaos within this kind of settlements and too many names in place. Confusing.


was it a beacon that bridges settlements by any chance? cause I have one like that (half of it is part of town, and the other half of plots say “unnamed settlement”) and that’s one that doesn’t get footfall


Soo any idea why my settlement (owned myself, no others) is no longer a settlement ? I have 540k perstiege


Can you provide more info for people to comment on? I’m happy to come and look.


Well I have changed nothing, added no plots, removed no plots etc… It does not even register on the planet as a settlement anymore…It’s the Yam Farm/ Valhalla Gardens on Shedu accessed via Ultima hub.


Thanks both of you, I understand now. It was really confusing me that the term ‘plot’ was being used to refer both to the cubes and the columns. Couldn’t wrap my head around how there could be plots within plots, lol.

One thing that I’m still uncertain about. Does there need to be at least one non-road plot-column for a settlement to form? Like if I beacon 4 plots in the middle of nowhere, they are all considered roads, right? If I then squeeze 10k prestige into those 4 plots, does a settlement form or not?


The portals to your place say “Dormant”. Any other way there?


Shouldnt? I just refuled them a couple hours ago.


I’ve not even seen one say “Dormant” before!


Thanks again!


You’re very welcome. Might come and use your farm now I’ve found it :slight_smile:


SO! A best practices might be to have a beacon each for thin plotted areas and broad stretches of plots.

I am curious as to why this would be needed when using plot scale resolution, since the one settlement could just be a connected beaconed area. The plot bridging message is just madness.

Ok, so I’m playing around with this and as long as there aren’t any gaps or thin plotlines, it will count as a settlement, which completely ruins the grid I set up for others to beacon in and doesn’t count it as settlement :weary:


Not going to lie, very little of this is making sense to me.

I have a settlement, I think it’s 150K Prestige. At work, can’t check. I decided to extend it, pre-patch. I had an alt create a road, two plots high, connected to my main building, and started building at the opposite side of that road. Had another player join me, and they connected to the road, and were included in my settlement.

Post patch, I’ve aligned the main building, the road, and the various other buildings I’m working on to the guild I setup. The settlement is only named when you are near the main building, which is where the bulk of the prestige is. Other beacons stated they can’t join the settlement.

Here’s a quick 2D, top down look at what I have, roughly.

Red is the main building, blue is the roadway, green is the first small building, all of which are guild aligned. White is the other players building, not guild aligned.



How do we get to it?


It’s on Raxxa.

From the Ultima Hub, there’s four large portals, not far from the world hub. One of those four leads to Liszy’s Siedlung. From there, go left, and on the ground is a portal to Psycho’s Workshop.

From the PURE Hub, there’s a portal to Liszy’s Siedlung opposite the Hubbit Network portal. After coming out of that portal, head straight, drop to the ground, and the Psycho’s Workshop portal should be directly in front of you.