Explaining Footfall post Release 211


oops, slight typo, that would be the ‘6’. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s the person that visited every day in the 6 day test period.

Edit: Fixed the typo and boldened the line in question.
Since the test went for 6 days, and that person visited the beacon all 6 days, it should confirm that you do need to stay away for it to reset back to the full value.


So if it’s the 6th day shouldn’t it say 6 instead of 5. Otherwise I’m still thinking it’s not till his actual 6 day that’s its reset


I’m lazy and It just seemed easier to change the entry than the heading ‘visits in 5 days’, can’t have 6 visits in 5 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose I could change the top to ‘visits in 6 days’ and then the guy that visited in all six days to 6, you think that would that be clearer for people reading?


It might just be me that needed that clarification.


By contrast, test subjects #11 and #12 both visited only on the first day of testing and on the sixth day of testing, and those went back to the full value.


I have two. takes cover :joy:

I wonder if the system is still in place that reduces your footfall for each day you’ve been away from the settlement? Starting at 7 days.
So that footfall on the 8th day of your absence is the first to be reduced.

And if it is, how does it interact with guild controlled beacons. If the beacon is set to let the guild own the footfall.
Who can reset the absence timer?
Everyone in the guild?
Only members with coin permissions?
Or only the original owner of the beacon?



I would assume (but I didn’t confirm) that that mechanic is still in place, and my gut feeling is that it’s the beacon owner that needs to visit periodically, but I suppose anyone that can collect coin from the beacon could count too.

When I get around to doing the guild-related testing I suppose I could leave those beacons up for a while to test that, but it’s gonna take some time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the devs could confirm at least this one? @james or @lucadeltodecso perhaps… :pleading_face:


There is a 3rd domain you can work on:

  • find an alternative for AWS

Boundless servers are the only ones that give me way higher ping times than any server of other games.

It’s way too easy to push the blame somewhere else, if other games don’t have these issues then how come Boundless does?

Sure, you might actually be trying to send more data back and forth than the other games but that would mean that either what you are trying to do with Boundless is not possible with the current consumer internet connections OR something, somewhere can be optimised further so less data has to be send back and forth…

Because don’t forget it’s not a handful of people who have issues now and then or all the time, it’s many or even most I suspect who do which would mean no ones internet is good enough, which, sounds rather weird don’t you think?

So you sure the connection problem is not caused by Amazon somewhere? Seems way more likely than many ISP’s having problems…


Hmm, it is something I could’ve done :joy:

But… you have to admit it’s not entirely the same thing!
Boundless devs can not know that all the people having issues with their servers who have different ISP’s and are located all over the world all have ■■■■ ISP’s causing the issues. Even tho the same people have no issues at all with other games…

Doesn’t make sense really. There has to be something somewhere that is causing this and it either is the client code, the server code, the actual servers or their connection to us.

What is more likely? That there’s a problem with THEIR ISP’s connection or that there’s a problem with connections from 100’s of different ISP’s all over the world to their servers?


The trouble with figuring out connection issues is that it could be at either end, or at any point in the middle.

So it’s not necessarily that the client connection isn’t up to par, but some issue anywhere in the route could be causing issues without either the ISP or the servers having any control over it. It can get pretty tricky to troubleshoot some of those cases.


Yes, I get that BUT it’s not just me in the Netherlands with my ISP it’s people from all over the world with all kinds of different ISP’s. It’s highly unlikely they all use the same route to the servers, so it has to be closer to the servers…


I’m connecting from Brazil and haven’t had any problems in a long while, since a couple months after launch (other than a bit of a laggy but still playable period of about 2 hours or so around the time that dailies reset, that seems to happen daily).

On the other hand, I have no interest in group hunts and don’t really take part in those, so if it was a hunt specific issue I wouldn’t experience it either way.


It’s not just with hunts, but it gives a clear idea that too many users that are near each other is causing the problem which, incidentally, totally sounds like an ISP issue!


Mm. Perhaps something to do with mob pathfinding?

I’ve noticed a few times (tho I haven’t paid attention to it in a while so probably nothing recently) that sometimes having mobs agro thru the walls of my base and fail to find a path to me would cause lag spikes.


Could be, am assuming that the AI is also performed on the server side, then again, that is also rather hunt only. Many players changing stuff to the planet is causing similar issues. So I kinda assumed it’s more about the amount of data being increased when lots of people are in close proximity…


You should probably create a new topic about this before they lock this one due to it going entirely off-topic tho, and we can take it over to there. :slight_smile:


The servers actually do know everyone’s latency - it’s tracks and logged. So it’s incorrect to assume that everyone is experiencing the same problems. To be clear - a group of players all saying they’re having issues, is a false-positive, that everyone is having issues.

We’re working towards publishing a public status page so that when you have an issue you can look at status page and see how your connection compares to everyone else.

It’ll either show:

  • everyone is having an issue (which would suggest the server or AWS), or
  • a group has an issue (which might suggest a routing issue), or
  • no one else (which might suggest your local ISP or local contention).

But I get it. It’s frustrating when the game does run as we all want.

I was trying to say that we also want the game to be smooth. We all want this. We’re on the same team here. I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working on the networking and infrastructure and architecture to try and make this thing work. So it’s unfair to suggest that we simply shrug our shoulders and always respond saying it must be local issues.

Boundless is different to the majority of other online games in 2 ways:

  1. Global: You can connect and play on any server from anywhere in the world. Most online games will encourage or force you to play locally - normally within your geographical region. This means that the basic latency of any message can be significantly higher.

  2. Worlds: Boundless (like other voxel games) need to stream the constantly changing voxel world. This means that bandwidth is higher whilst travelling.

A valid comparison would be to compare playing on a Minecraft server in Australia to the Boundless worlds in Australia from Europe. How does the load time compare? How does the reload time compare? How does mining and combat compare? This would be a comparison I’d be interested to see.


The Minecraft servers would load a little better with no entities, but boundless has a big step forward for sure. Servers that run across oceans are going to have issues that’s just a given we would like them to be perfect buts that’s not possible. Having what your suggesting a page for us to see the server status is a great idea that way we can stay off of the planets that are down. With that being said if we do happen to get stuck on a rock and can’t get back their needs to be a back door so we dnt have to spend 6500+ coins to port to a world that will work for us.


We’re considering a change that would allow players to Warp Home for free (or maybe a minimal payment) at any point. Not specifically to fix this case, but to help new players who get lost going through portals. Potentially with a cool down of say 1 hour or no cool down.

This could then be used by players stuck off world.


Perfect thankyou