Explaining Footfall post Release 211


Footfall balance has been changed in the recent update.

@Arkhainn GOTO 10.

(That’s a BASIC joke.)


My Parents bought me a C64 and a ton of games when I was a kid. The games never got played but the manual taught me BASIC. Programming that thing was all I wanted to do. I was only 10 years old. I wasn’t a normal child! :rofl:


I remember programing a poker game in BASIC when I had a 286 computer.
What a terrible language. :stuck_out_tongue:

… tho less annoying than fortran.

That sounds perfectly normal to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the update.

Also if anyone’s feeling nostalgic you can still program TI BASIC in some of their calculators.

SO EXCITING to bounce a pixel around heh.


Same here, though without the games…think they wanted me to spend my time learning, which I did, sort of (mostly from typing in games from the backs of computer mags :slight_smile: ).

see what you did , james. getting all us oldies nostalgic…


Learned to program on my Atari 600XL, Atari BASIC… Ahh, good times…


Same here. I learnt to program on a zx81, which I built with my dad at the age of 9 or 10. Then c16, vic20, c64, amiga500 and so on.
I too learnt to program by entering code from magazines, and deconstructing it to figure out how it all worked.
It’s all I wanted to do and my parents didn’t have a clue what I was up to.

Happy days.


For me real programming came into play when I got into the MUD scene and started learning C/C++ by way of Altavista (I think this was mostly before google became a thing). But that was still pretty recently by c64 standards. :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember doing this with the Commodore 64!


I remember entering codes like peek and poke, followed by numbers, which changed the screen colour settings. Or when you could hack a game, adjust a few numbers in the machine code to get unlimited lives etc.


Me too. I got a programming for dummies book and made text base dungeon crawlers on my C64


All I have to say is:

10 PRINT CHR$ (205.5 + RND (1)); : GOTO 10


Pokes were funny… I made a fake loader for a game a friend wanted… count down and everything… looked totally like it was a premium speccy game booting up :wink: trollllllll


Footfall has suddenly dropped again for me over the last two days. It was almost getting back to the level it was pre-patch and now it’s back down to about 50% again.


Today my test char has primary guild G1, no permissions. And is a member of G2, no permissions. The test char walks onto a beacon aligned to G2. Again, no footfall is generated.

Guilds are completely useless because they prevent footfall.

Lets assume you run a mall and assign the main beacon to a guild. Now, many people who have a shop in that mall are a member of that guild. You most like will get puny footfall. @majorvex, did you try to not align the streets in the gyosha mall to a guild?


did you test what happens when they first enter a non-guild beacon, before stepping into the guild-aligned ones?

  • Created new character X
  • X Joined guild Test, no permissions
  • X walks onto beacon BY1 of char Y, beacon is not aligned with any guild. X has no permission on BY1.
  • X walks onto beacon BY2 of char Y, beacon is aligned with guild Test.
  • BY1 and BY2 both had 0 footfall.


That sounds super weird. Can any devs confirm that this is intended behavior? @james ?


I am assuming both beacons have greater than 10k prestige? and the character checking is the owner of the beacon, not an alt with permissions?


Yes, and both are in the same settlement.