Explaining Footfall post Release 211


It’s based on the greater settlement - It’s probably better to think of guild based settlements as basically a district within the greater settlement.


Thanks!.. my greater settlement ticked over to a town 2 days ago, which i think is a 50% increase in base amounts from 40 to 60 (aware its not a flat rate anymore, but assuming % increase is about the same). But my footfall actually went down about 30% on the first day, and today was back just under what it was. Which means visitor traffic must have been down about 70% one day, and 50% the next.

Could just be coincidence its been a slow week, but thats a fair difference. And suddenly going from a very regular 50 visitors a day to 10-25 seems odd. I actually checked on here to see if the server had gone down.

Would be awesome if we could see visitor counts to have some indication of whats happening.


Something similar just happened to majorvex and James commented on it. Said it was a voodoo payment. Dunno what that means


I think he meant that, at the moment, the beacon just ***** out coins and without following the forum you have no in game reason or explanation why it’s there, why it’s as much as it is and how to improve it.


I believe he said it appears to us as being a voodoo payment. I took this to mean they need to clarify things better.


Apologies about resurrecting this thread again. Footfall has been great since the F2P weekend, and I see now the bigger plan of the devs. They obviously knew from their plans that it would be solved by any increase in the player base.

However, I’ve logged on this evening, and in 24 hours I’ve not had a single coin on my main beacon. Which is very odd, as it’s been around 2.5k per day recently. I’ve also had a few sales in my shop, and there’s no way anyone could have done this without generating FF.

Not complaining, just curious as to why this may be.


Footfall works fine if there’s a population that’s halfway solid (800+). The second it dips below you notice it as the economy then goes in to chug mode. This game needs a certain amount of players for footfall to work as they intend it to.

But then you run in to the problem of player retention. You need to retain players while growing the player base at the same time. The two problems feed each other.


Footfall is zero for the 2nd day running - so I’ve looked closer and noticed that it ‘bridges multiple settlements’.
Not sure why it would change on it’s own.

Also, how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance


Either add or remove plots. And it could be from a new person plotting near you that made it do that.

Pc users can open up a menu and pretty much locate exactly where it happened. I believe @majorvex usually helps with that.


ok thanks man


So it’s because I’ve added a bridge between my settlement and someone elses, which is 1 plot wide.
I’m guessing this is the cause.

Where do I unplot and re-plot, any ideas?



Can you make it 2 plots high or wide?


Yep I could, and this would solve it?
Is this the only option, as would mean another 40 plots wasted?


You can put the bridge plots on their own beacon. I am pretty sure that would mean that bridge beacon would be bridging the settlement still but your main build would be ok.


thanks, might do this…


Try making the plot that touches the other settlement 3 instead be it wide or high it should fix the issue. I had that problem with my road in beckon for the hub and it worked.


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