Explaining Footfall post Release 211


With the changed system two plot wide is enough, you no longer need 3 plots.

I’m fine with a system that doesn’t allow roads to connect cities. I’m not ok with a system where beacons with millions of prestige are kicked out of a city and won’t receive any footfall.


I didnt know they changed to 2 wide. That will be cheaper to bridge over things though :slight_smile:

Yea the code needs reworked a little. Or either a flag/discription to explain it better.


Red text maybe instead of white so it’s more apparent


The rule now is “6 plots within adjacent plot columns”.

Apparently the old rule was “4 plots in a chunk” but nobody knew and this led to a lot of discussion about 2 wide vs. 3 wide when some did or didn’t happen to have plotted along chunk lines.


Ahh i see, i just thought it measured by plots, didnt know it was chunk dependant. There is no real dev areas that explain some things like this. We need some kinda Wiki built.


Yes apparently it was never really explained before, and nobody ( who shares) from the player base was really aware of the actual requirement.

Many solutions were found lol.

During the discussion for 211 the devs decided to share the exact rules for assessing settlement status and how to avoid bridging errors. Saved me a ton of trouble.

It might be early in this discussion but there’s also discussion in the settlement status thread that blew up.

Someone putting it to a wiki is not a bad idea.

EDIT: To clarify it is no longer chunk dependent. The old way used chunks, the new way is per-plot resolution.


I think it has still purpose, so that world wouldn’t end up too fast being one big settlement :slight_smile:


I agree. And even a 10 plot wide street shouldn’t be able to absorb other settlements. You should be forced to grow your city. IRL cities only absorb smaller villages if they grow over them, you don’t consider New York and LA a single city just because they are connected by a multi lane highway.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the game should never “throw away” a beacon. Beacons should never ever bridge with themselves. And if a beacon bridges multiple settlements, just add it to the bigger settlement or the settlement who is nearer to the beacon or the settlement that was first. But don’t throw it away!


It would also help enormously if it would tell which beacons it’s trying ‘to bridge’, I mean, it knows which one’s they are, but we do not, can be kinda annoying!


And you ps4 players cant see debug menus. Which doesnt help.


Exactly… I can understand that there are some thing in the debug menu that Sony might not allow for some reason, but moving some of the more handy things like this to a different place in the user interface and NOT naming it ‘debug menu’ should be something they allow…


We are planning to get the plot view into the main GUI and HUD so that it is accessible for all players.

(But withholding it from all players didn’t feel like a step in the right directions. It was originally created for us to help admin the game, but I found it so useful that I thought we should share it with players. So we released it as a debug option in the next update. Moving it into the main GUI + HUD will take a little more effort and it’s on the todo list.)


This is the main mall beacon…haven’t checked it since yesterday. lol The FF coin has been ok :+1: lately except today…seems odd. It was really busy yesterday.

And my large store in the city has 136c. lolol

My tiny original store in the mall, has 858c…usually never has any. This is weird. Wish we could see the visitor count or something.


For what it’s worth, I run through your tiny store all the time as it’s the quickest way to get to my shop from the PS portal. Maybe others do the same…


I had 2 days in a row in the middle of last week where mine almost fell off to nothing. like a 70-80% drop. Then all of a sudden it is back to normal. Odd but maybe the 24hr timer hit at abad time for most people.


I would like to provide more information about what is happening. Because I can see that at the moment it appears to be a voodoo payment.

Ideally I want to switch the presentation to be on the Settlement - because ultimately that is how the calculation is linked. Once this is done we can work out what information can be shared so that it makes sense.

I’ve taken a note to make sure we do something here.


I still don’t understand why this has to be so freaking complicated.

If you have “X” amount of prestige, you get “X” amount of footfall per visitor. Reset every 24 hours. Alts don’t count.

Done. You can focus on other things.


It required some balancing since people with fewer visitors were generating proportionately less than people in the center of a city (hubs). A flat 1:1 meant that a hub would generate 20x what a normal build might


Fine. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

I’m not in a city. I had to work to get a steady stream of visitors.


Are footfall amounts based on the settlement, or greater settlement?