Explaining Footfall post Release 211


That’s double what I’m getting right now.

Just fix this, already.


Was more meaning if you have a great city and 10 alts, 900c wont be a game changer… agree still need better footfall though. Its not about the big operations that make a killing it footfall, its the flow on to the rest of the economy that needs it. 900c to the person selling leaves can be a game changer.


Reminds off beta when people whacked flowers non-stop


I have so many yams I’ve seriously thought of tossing them. I get them for the leaves to make sackcloth and cotton. I think I have 10 smart stacks now, maybe even more


I turn them into soup. Yam soup is one of the few things that sell.


Look, all anyone has to do to get a decent amount of daily footfall is make a 10k+ prestige build in a somewhat busy city and perhaps add a couple 1x2 portals. You can easily get about 1,500 coins per day.

There are many ways to make coin in this game you just need to find what works for you.

Maybe a little off topic but I think the footfall issue will be stabilized. The devs have asked us to report what we are experiencing and they will work on “fixing footfall”.


I have almost 354K prestige in my settlement. My main (heaviest footfall area) has about 270K on his own. I run a mini hub with four portals and get a fairly steady level of traffic and pretty much anyone who uses it has to run through my main’s beacon.

I’m averaging between 450 and 800 coin a day right now…some days drop to about 300.

It’s completely broken. I was making more than twice that, with only one portal, before the “fix”.

Every 24 hours, no sliding scale, make alts not create footfall.

It’s not hard.


For comparison sake I setup a shop in one of the popular malls right now. My shop is away from the main portals and I made sure it was just over 10k prestige so I would get footfall. Earlier when I checked the beacon today I had received approx 800c. The day before that i received approx. 1100c.

Footfall is going to vary a lot depending on the amount of traffic from DIFFERENT players now. A settlement that mainly sees traffic from mostly the same group of players will see less footfall now.


Which means the scaling is doing just the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

The scaling was so remote beacons would end up with more while high traffic areas stayed the same as before the fix. (Whuch I don’t understand because those beacons needed a boost, too.) But now, not only is everyone getting only 25-50% of what they did before, but remote beacons (who rely on repeat traffic for footfall) have had it almost completely dry up.

It’s maddening.

Stop putting limitations on footfall. Let the coin flow.


To some extent that is true. But a new player, say of a month, may not even know of alts and most likely won’t have the cubits to buy a lot of alts. Being allowed to buy them and having the cubits to do so are two different things. When I bought my first alt, I had spent all my cubits on plots for my base, I wanted a lot of plots in the area so I would have room to grow. That left me with no cubits for alts, I didn’t even know about them for quite a while. Never connected the dots I was so busy playing I never looked at what I could buy besides plots.
I actually used real life money, my choice, to buy the cubits needed. I didn’t have to, there was no pay to win reason, I just didn’t want to wait till I got the cubits to do so.


To unlock all character slots (if people want to) all they need is to get the first. Then create a character there, get it quickly to level 7 or so, and use the cubits from that to unlock a new slot, and so on.

When the game launched, being an alt-a-holic, I had 'em all unlocked within a week doing this. And since I already had a base set up from my first character I just had to get my characters to the base, give 'em permissions, and use the tools and materials I already had in storage to level quickly. Those first 7 levels zoom by very quickly when its not your first character.

Edit: I’m not criticizing you, but just pointing out that it’s not that hard and doesn’t take all that much time after the first character when you’re still learning the game and paying attention to the tutorial tips and stuff. The first levels are much quicker the second+ time around.


True, but thats not bobs fault if joe doesnt know about alts. Bob shouldnt be penalised, bob would probably even help joe. Bobs a top bloke!


You have to look at the whole thing a bit differently than before.

Beacons that receive a lot of traffic will always generate more footfall than a beacon with considerably less traffic.

The whole change brought the earning curve of these busier beacons down. This makes it so the owners of busier beacons aren’t coming out as far ahead of the lesser traffic beacon owners in terms of generating coin.

So the less busy beacons aren’t really supposed to generate more footfall than before, the busier beacons are supposed to generate less footfall.


Bob has been penalised. :pensive:


Minus the fact that the popular ones are supposed to maintain their stream of footfall not lose it per the devs.


Yeah, but here is the problem.

  1. The big, busy beacons were not supposed to see any reduction. They are making 25-50% of what they did before the “fix”

  2. Even that was unacceptable. Everyone needs a huge boost, not a reduction or staying the same.

  3. The ones who have been the most penalized, the ones who were supposed to see increases (as per the devs), are the medium and small guys. They(we) are getting clobbered.

We don’t need all this micromanaging. We need them to massively open up the tap for EVERYONE. And don’t worry about the whiners complaining about “but they are so big and have so much money already.”

Heck, not only should a visitor give you footfall every 24 hours (as in repeat visits don’t count in that 24 hours), they really needed to double the rewards.

The economy needs to be flooded with coin.

If they are worried about balance, drown us in coin first so the game can fix itself, THEN worry about adjusting the balance.


Agreed. It does more damage having no coin than it would do having lots of coin. Better to overshoot and balance back the other way.

Although knowing us, someone would cry nerf when it was dropped back down so probably a lot safer in that regard.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Perhaps a way to introduce a simple and easy new coin generation thing would be to multiply the daily/weekly rewards a little, and add a monthly pair that is even more substantial, based on completing the weeklies 3 times or something like that.

Considering they’re all pretty easy to achieve (tho the Daily Activity one is a bit time consuming) that might help inject some coin for cases like the guy that couldn’t afford yams and quit, or whatever it was, that someone mentioned previously in the topic.

Something like 1k for dailies, 5k for weeklies and 50k for monthly perhaps?


This is the problem right here. The “they have more than me and its unfair” attitude. If someone has more than you, and you want what they have, you dont bring them down, you raise yourself up.

Taking things from others simply because you dont have the same is weak and spiteful, and i really hope the game doesnt keep being changed to cater to that type of player.


Isn’t that what happened already, tho? If memory serves, all the “Portal Network X is making millions in footfall and I can’t even afford 50k aoe diamond hammers!” posts started the chain reaction that led to the current situation.