Explaining Footfall post Release 211


Interesting, so that makes me feel that it’s a 60% buff for first place visited, and a 12-15% rate of decay the more people have visited.


Also, as far as I know (with the big caveat of ‘unless it changed with 211’) the system counts visitors with permissions as ‘visited and generated 0’.

I know that a permitted visitor would start a cooldown for all beacons by the same character in the settlement even when generating zero, pre-211 at any rate.


So the update to footfall, where the intent was to provide more footfall to smaller beacons (if 10k prestige) and to not affect other beacons too much.

Why if you have 1,000,000 prestige in one beacon, OR 200,000 in one and 800,000 in another? Should you not still get rewarded in footfall the same amount? So efforts to build infrastructure outside of one beacon are in vain? Because you might be helping people but why reward your work? (Ok this is same as old, but still seems wrong?) Why be allowed to even place more beacons in one settlement? If you infrastructure builder, help to connect people it does not matter, you are not considered.

Also, if you have a shop, and don’t make many sales (who do?), but rely on a small amount of footfall to keep having fun in game, but all your footfall comes from only a handful of return customers, you will be punished because your small shop 500 blocks from main hub does not see many new faces, despite having people constantly through, just the same people who live near by you. Same for people who live on roads you made.

Or am I interpret wrong?

I don’t want to sound nasty, this has all just left me very depressed, work I have done is now for nothing more or less, and am feeling I should just tear down everything I have and leave the game despite hundreds of hours in the game. (as the small amount of footfall I used to make is now less than a tenth of what it was, and can not afford to shop around to improve shop, or buy new materials to make builds).


If it’s working as intended, I believe you’re misinterpreting it.

The only difference with roads is in how they cannot force settlements to merge, that’s the only ‘special’ thing that happens at a road beacon as opposed to a regular beacon. HOWEVER… there’s a couple of problems that bad roads can cause:

1 - if the road is in the state ‘bridges multiple settlements’ (and therefore the game doesn’t know from which to pull the prestige information) then if a visitor first ‘visits’ the road beacon, then that person will not generate any footfall only in beacons owned by the road owner in either settlement, because it’ll trigger the 24 hour cooldown of ‘already visited a beacon by this person today’.

2 - if the road has under 10k prestige, same situation, again only when visiting other beacons owned by the guy that owns the road in the same settlement. This is untested but high probability.

As far as I can think of, those are the only two problems that a road can cause. And in the first case you just gotta add more plots until the road merges the settlements, or remove plots until it no longer touches two different settlements. In the second case its even easier, just bury some prestige-generating stuff under it.

Other than that, roads generate (or should generate) footfall the same way as any other beacon, with the same restriction that the same visitor can’t generate footfall for multiple beacons that have the same owner in the same settlement.

Edit: Also, the footfall is still (as before) based on the total prestige of the settlement, it just has the restriction that only beacons with a minimum of 10k prestige (pretty easy, about 50 machined iron sorts that out) can generate footfall. After that it doesn’t matter if the person touched your road or your shop, it would generate the same coins for a 10k beacon as it would for a 500k beacon. It’s the settlement prestige that matters for how much they generate.


Thats how its always worked. If you have beacons owned by alts you will get multiple per visitor, but its always been 1 beacon per character per settlement.


fair enough, but now I am even sadder, cause that would have helped explain footfall loss.


Yeah, there’s a bit of a situation with reduced footfall from repeat visitors I think, but as far as I know no one has tested how that works yet. Its supposed to be a 5 day cooldown in addition to the 24 hour cooldown, I believe, where visiting the same place multiple days during the 5 day cooldown would generate a reduced amount of coin.

Not sure by how much it is reduced.


About it being more than 60c per visitor we’ve been told multiple times to ignore the section that says coin per visitor since it no longer works that way


I know that, its just that so far I had only seen less, and not more, that’s why I thought those results were interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are still making this way too complicated.

Just make is a set footfall per visitor, every 24 hours and call it done. All this scaling stuff is helping nothing and adding needless complexity…


And the footfall amount is based on the prestige of the settlement, not the prestige of the particular beacon in question, or the prestige of that characters combined beacons in the settlement.

Which, if I’ve got that correctly, means that I could break my beacon into many joined beacons (workshop, storage area, loot drop, portal area, shopping area, shared storage area) and it wouldn’t matter how many of them someone hit, or which one they hit first, the footfall amount generated by their visit would be the same.

Is that correct, and does it create an edge case where the first beacon someone visits is one where they have permissions (say where the portal/storage is) are they counted as “Already visited” when they hit one that’s unpermissioned?

Also if they cross a 5k prestige road/whatever plot of that avatar, does it count as “already visited” when they step into the high prestige shop beacon (just for example)?

I have some monolithic beacons and one of the main reasons is that I didn’t want to have someone cross a 5 -10k prestige staircase and the footfall system ignore the prestige of my workshop.

In the end I probably would have merged them anyways since, for instance, the “staircase” beacon can’t overlap the “basement” beacon of the same character.

Actually as I write this it’s sinking in that a pretend sample character with a nice 11k prestige single-plot in the fictional corner would be making the exact same payment amount per visit as the guy with a 4 million prestige shop across the road?

This is much more egalitarian than I would have thought. Is any of that wrong?

EDIT: sorry just hit reply I’m not trying to grill Uni3k on this specifically.


In the first case it’s a definite yes.
The second is probably but untested.

This is also correct, assuming they belong to the same greater settlement. But the visitor has to actually step foot inside the boundaries of the small beacon to generate coin there.

Single plot beacons can get a bit weird when it comes to joining settlements so it might not merge into it, gotta test on a case-by-case basis.


I can understand in a way why they don’t want that. Go that Billy Bob has ten alts. He runs all 10 alts through his shops, one on three different planets. 24 hours later he repeats it, and does that each day. Soon, he will be raking in a lot of food fall.
The new or casual player Jimmy, doesn’t have the credits to make alts, they have used them to buy plots for their build, can’t get ten alts, he has only two or three. The wealthy player, Billy Bob, who can get the alts and has the time to let them travel to the three different planets as he has portals at them, keeps getting richer from the footfall and Jimmy, who can’t afford the alts and doesn’t have the time due to job and family commitments is up the proverbial poopy creek without a paddle. He is getting very little footfall and can’t afford the high gem tools and weapons.

I’m not talking about me, I can’t afford them but that is due to several reasons. I am thinking of new players; the guy I know from another discord who bought the game over a month ago, had no idea of what to do and finally quit because he couldn’t afford to buy the tools and weapons he needed. He said he had no coin, no way to make coin as he couldn’t afford the tools and weapons, couldn’t go to the higher level planets without them and was fed up and just quit.
Have you seen the price of the pies that players are told to buy to eat to help them mine or use on the safe farms? Go to some of the smaller planets and loot at the prices, I’ve went to some level one planets and seen stews, risottos, meat loafs, invigorating and other foods I make for outrageous prices. I’m asking 35c and they want 350c.
I agree with whoever said that the devs need to give a shot of adrenalin to players and new ones should receive the most so they can buy what they need to survive and feel positive about the game. You will create huge resentment if you give those who have big shops and are experienced players 50k coins and the new, lower level casual players 20k coins.
just my 2c worth.


Hand trade for 3 yams?


To be clear, alts shouldn’t, and never did, count towards footfall.


They do, if they have no permissions. It’s true that they probably shouldn’t but so far they always have.


Okay, I didn’t know that. That’s silly.

So take my earlier post and add “get rid of footfall for alts.”


I wonder how many people waste time to do this :joy:


Didnt know that, but in reality its max 900c a day to run 9 alts over 1 of your characters beacons. That’s a lot of effort for not a lot of return. Much eaiser ways to make coin.

Also, the arguement that an estabilished player can have more (in the form of alts) is back again. I really dont think its nice to take things away from others simply because they have more. Its not like the new people are locked out of that functionality. There isnt a finite number of alts allowed in the game, if bob has 10, that doesnt mean joe can only have 2. Joe can have just as much if they put in the same amount of effort. Penalising bob cause joe hasnt played as much isnt kind. Bob didnt do anything to deserve that, except make joe jealous.


A lot more than ‘waste time’ farming alts for a quick 12 - 15k coins per teaching loaf?