Explaining Footfall post Release 211


He said they thought about doing it but didn’t do it. You must have miss read that post


The quote states that they planned on releasing it with the guilds update (211) but decided to fix sooner due to the “community urgency”.

If we assume that the Guilds and Messaging update was this last one, which seems like a fair assumption, then he’s clearly stating that they fixed it before that went live.

Edit: And even if it was otherwise, there are more important issues to focus on for this topic than dissecting when exactly what was fixed.


And if you had quoted the whole thing, you would have seen that they only implemented the new system and hadn’t even tested it


Not true, there are quirk and defect free tools for that price at New Leyden Market!

Some other stores, like Sero’s Shop are starting to follow suit too.


Uh huh, indeed, they considered it, decided against it, then just released it without running it in parallel. It’s all in that statement…

Plus there are several other quotes to find from both James and Luca that completely say the opposite of what you feel is correct after some testing…

You are special then I suppose since recently they said it was still on a 24 day cooldown.

Let’s use our brains for a second, if they changed it back to 24 hours in early December as you like to believe then this new way of calculating footfall would always have been a definitive nerf since it not only is then also on a 24 hour timer there are all kinds of other little rules making you get less than the full amount AS BEFORE.

Then why is James telling us that it wasn’t supposed to be a nerf because big earners would still have about the same footfall and people with way less traffic would be getting more.

That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Perhaps it does in your oortian universe, who knows!

Indeed, you belief that is true and it is your opinion simply because you think it is according to your testing…

Does NOT make it true…

Then stop telling everyone it was already fixed in December…


I will say one thing. The timer was 24 days but since server resets/maintenance reset the cooldown it was actually acting as 14 days.

Edit: tho it will no longer reset with those anymore


And I wouldn’t be surprised with servers acting up once in a while that they were reset more often than just when a patch launched.



Alright, I was trying to avoid further derailing this from the important parts of the topic, but if you really must goad me into this discussion to be satisfied then let’s have at it.

I don’t believe that the cooldown was 24 hours thru most of December and up until 211 went live, I know. The reason that I know is because I spent the entire time padding my footfall income daily by having my remaining alts, that had no permissions to my shop, walk into my shop, and every single night after doing that, server reset or otherwise, I would get the footfall from each of those characters. I would collect with the shop owner, walk all my alts thru, and collect again. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation involving a 24 day timer that would explain how I was able to do that.

Could it be a fluke that affected some beacons / planets and not others? I highly doubt it but it is not within my ability to disprove it, I can only attest to how my own beacons were behaving, and they were, very predictably, following a 24 hour reset.

So yes, it’s not a matter of believing. It’s not a matter of convincing you either, because I can’t control what you think or do, feel free to keep on clinging adamantly to your position, but I will certainly defend mine, and not presume to tell you how to behave or what to say or stop saying.

It is, however, a matter of the developers being made aware of how their game is behaving in actuality, regardless of what the patch notes say. That is how bugs, such as the 24 day cooldown, are found and fixed.

Here’s how this exact process went when the 24 day mistake was figured out, if you care to read it (tho I doubt that you will). I was directly involved, and just as steadfastly insistent on standing behind my test results as I am now:

In this particular instance, it is ironically enough the opposite, and some people such as yourself, now believe that it was still 24 days. Yet strangely enough a lot of people on the posts above commented on how much lower their daily or weekly footfall now is, how curious.

I can’t speak for the developers. They might be aware that it was corrected back to 24 hours, it might have been a happy accident, it might be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right was doing. I have no idea. But if they think that it was still 24 days, then they too are wrong. Once again, much in the same way as when everyone was swearing up and down that it was 24 hours, reality as backed by extensive testing begs to differ.

It is how the game actually behaves, and not the patch notes or developer announcements, that matter, that is how mistakes are found and fixed, and sometimes this requires having long, boring talks like this, with folks such as yourself, for the facts to come to light, but once again, it must always be backed by extensive testing until reproducible, predictive and consistent results are able to shed a light on the actual mechanics.

Edit: Minor nitpicky clarification, I can attest that it was a 24 hour timer between December 7 and the release of 211 with the exception of 23 to 26 of December since I was out of town with family and couldn’t play to do my daily padding of my shop footfall then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: Incidentally, Discord is the reason why I know exactly when I noticed it, but not when the change actually happened, that must (obviously) have happened earlier than my noticing it, at a minimum two days before I’d wager:


Does that in itself prove anything conclusively? No, of course not, go on and keep calling me a liar. Heck, I might be so committed to perpetuating this fraud that in no way benefits me that I could have just Photoshopped the thing. So keep on with the name calling if that makes you happy, but it marks the date when I started taking notice of it enough to start testing it again (and subsequently use it to make a little bit of extra footfall every day). It turned out to be 24 hours exactly rather than during daily reset, by the way, which was an earlier point of contention before the 24 day mistake was discovered, and my reason to start the extensive testing back then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I don’t have to read that post because I remember it and I’m pretty sure I made comments in there some where too. But again 14 day timer not 24 cause of reset for maintenance and crashes. But ya know ignore that part too if you’d like

Edit: also means there were times were it was less than 14 days.

Edit: I can also tell you for myself the footfall I received in December was no different than the months prior


James (or another dev, I can’t recall) did mention an exploit which they refused to elaborate on until fixed. There is also something else going on with footfall which they aren’t being 100% open about, I’m convinced of this.


I did report an exploit yesteday, but I’m not sure if it’s the same exploit that you’re talking about. Of course I won’t talk about it until it’s fixed. Probably not even after since it was a comparatively minor and unremarkable one, but at least the one I found had no relation to footfall. There was also another… issue that I’m aware of that wasn’t exactly a beneficial exploit but still pretty bad, I’m sure that one too is high on their priority list and unwise to comment on. That too is not related to footfall.

At any given time I’m sure the devs have a bunch of those they’re trying to keep quiet and fix quickly before players start wreaking havoc because, well, it’s the internet, of course they would so I wouldn’t dwell too much on those. It’s pretty natural that we’d only hear bout those things after they’re fixed, if at all.

As Nick Fury once said, until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on :stuck_out_tongue:



Ok buddy, you know better than the devs! :joy:

You also know that this was a definite footfall nerf because that is then the only logical conclusion one could make with what we know how it’s being calculated NOW.

I don’t know what is true or not, all I know is this:

  1. that devs recently still told us that it was still 24 days
  2. that devs told us that with all these changes people would either still get about the same amount or more depending on your build/location/etc.
  3. that with what the devs told us how things NOW work with how/when/what we will receive

So either 1) is a statement by the devs thats incorrect or 2) is and this has been a blatant nerf.

Take your pick, both is not possible

Also, I never called you a liar, you just keep telling everyone that you know things for a fact when they are not fact, you did some tests, good for you, doesn’t mean it sudenly becomes a fact, it’s something THAT YOU BELIEVE to be true.
Your tests might have been wrong, there might have been something severely amiss with the servers that needed constant resetting which your tests surely would not be able to account for, etc., etc.

Only the devs know what the facts are, not you, not me, without seeing the code…

Thing is tho, the devs are pretty darn quick usually with correcting us here on these forums and they aren’t correcting either of us now, makes one wonder…


It seems much lower. Too low. But given I don’t watch people coming and going all day, I have no idea if that’s just fewer visitors. Game isn’t very busy so perhaps it’s just that.


Had a look, gotta admit you do have some nice items. Nice to see theres still some quality forging going on! 2nd most INCREDIBLE shop around. :wink:


Thank you!

Today need to do a lot of non-hamer forging, haha, empty stands, I don’t like!

Yeah Noms 'n More is still my fave too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did another quick bit of testing today.

New (ish) 11k prestige beacon, unlikely to be reached other than by a portal behind a locked door (its buried in the middle of nowhere in particular) in a 60c/visit settlement. It had a couple of visits by my other characters during construction a couple days ago but that was about it.

Dragged 20 characters there and the results were surprising.
It was a new beacon so none of the characters had visited previously, and the beacon owner (as usual) had no other beacons in that settlement, to cut down on those pesky variables.

The footfal given by each guinea pig (while my guy kept looking at the beacon and collecting as each visitor entered):

Test Subject Footfall Test Subject Footfall
1 96 11 84
2 96 12 84
3 96 13 84
4 96 14 84
5 96 15 84
6 84 16 72
7 84 17 72
8 84 18 72
9 84 19 72
10 84 20 72

So, with 20 tests, each visit being ~5 minutes apart due to travelling / switching, if time happens to turn out to be a factor, every single visit yielded more footfall than the ‘nominal’ 60c per visit from settlement size, but it seemed to go down progressively after a number of visits occurred.

I wonder if that’s intentional due to some sort of unpopularity buff, as the beacon had practically never been visited before due to being new, or if it was bugged and getting way more than it should, or what exactly happened.

I’ll try to run some more tests over the next few days, feel free to suggest things to test for if you’re interested in this sort of thing. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get at least some of those visitors back after 24+ hours but before 5 days, and also some more new visitors, to see what happens when its mixed.

HELP! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?

Interesting, if they had to go through a portal to get to it, doesn’t that mean they hit another beacon first? Or was that first beacon one they had privileges in?


The entrance portal was in a different settlement.


One those alts had permissions in? Or one they also would’ve generated footfall for?


The alts had permissions at the time they ‘visited’ since I was using multiple of my guys for construction. I kept switching 'em for the daily xp thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Either way the beacon went for over a day without even the owner visiting, if it turns out that that’s a factor in reaching those higher-than-normal bonuses.