Exploration Tree: ability lock cracking - add/pro/con Discussion

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Dear everyone,

since we now know there will be locks for certain items (i think basically doors and storages), what do you think of lock cracking as an ability of the exploration profession?

I personally think it would be a nice addition to exploration.

It goes hand in hand with another idea i support -> ability of looting other players beacon content when disappearing by inactivity. (I know this is also no fix part of Boundless, either way it would fit in a group with that kind of abilities)

I know it can be annoying to players, if others could “steal” from them, what this feature definetly is.

  • Anyhow I personally would limitate lockcracking to storages.
  • Just storages not in a beaconed area (except within disappearing beacons).
  • Furthermore there should be a high cooldown on this ability, like a day or something.
  • Also I would make this ability available in high levels of the explorationen tree. So someone must have already put a lot of time and effort in his explorer profession, to unlock this skill.

What do you think? Additional ideas / limitations and pros or cons.

  • my pro is gameplay diversity
  • as explorer you also have somehow the possibility to increase your “goods” receiving. Like a miner probably can speed up his mining or go dual wield
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As far as I’m concerned, I think there’s a monumental difference between taking from someone whose area is unprotected and who hasn’t been online in 6 months compared to taking from someone whose area is protected and who could potentially be online.

So my vote is a definite no. You should not be able to bypass locks on containers unless that container is not in a beacon. And even then it should take an enormous amount of progression, as you suggested. Even then, I’m hesitant.

Disclaimer: The above reflects my personal thoughts and should not be taken to reflect the thoughts of any other forums members or of anyone on the development team.


There should be an ‘anti-like’ button.

It is one thing if lock cracking is for breaking into ruins, dungeons, and environmentally generated chests, but if you are able to raid other player’s chests in a non pvp-centric game that completely defeats the purpose of locks and protection.


I want a friendly and social game, not a one where you have to hide stuff for others and suspect other player you meet to harm you.


I think lock cracking would be a lot of fun for world-generated chests/ruins/doors/whatnot.

Definite :thumbsdown: to being able to lock pick player-owned chests/doors, though


Player protections must be absolute.

No player owned lock should be bypassed without the owners express permission, ever.

Spawned Safe/vault cracking would be cool, so long as vaults have the following features;

  1. Can not be dug through
  2. Refill with randomized loot after a period of time
  3. Appear in locations that can not be beaconed or claimed by oppertunists, such as on board a titan, or deep within a temple.

Or you know. random spawn and despawn upon being opened. The way they handle resources shows how much they are against “camping” things. I don’t see why that wouldnt apply to potential chests, enemies, Hopefully bosses, Titans will be moving so you cant really camp those either

Tl;dr if they make random chests they shouldnt be possible to map out once and then know where they are forever.


It can be so that a looted chest go away, and spawn somewhere else.

Very much along the same lines as how resource veins regenerate :thumbsup:

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Chests could spawn at an fixed amount in every world, lets say 5 as an example. And you get regular loot for first one you found, and better loot if you found 2 and so on. And a extra bonus if you lucky to find all 5.

When they looted they are empty, maybe a sign saying who find it.
And once a week or any other fixed time, they be removed and respawn in random places in the world.

Thanks for the suggestion. The things we consider with a feature like this is how it would change the behaviour of players and feel of the game:

  • Do we want to actively encourage player vs player actions and create an environment where players have a reason to dislike each other?
  • Do we want to give players moral options: buy or steal?
  • Do we want to encourage paranoia, and encourage players to build fortresses (layers of locked doors etc)
  • Are we happy that some players will have a bad time, and some will have fun causing that?

These kinds of mechanics, like stealing and always-on PvP, can be really fun in harsh survival games like Rust or DayZ (games we’re fans of, and play together a lot). But these high-competition-high-stakes features feel counter to the collaborative, community focused environment we’re trying to foster with Boundless.

Bit of background: locks were actually conceived for Boundless to actually encourage players opening up my making them feel safe to do so. If you’re able to lock doors, chests (and whatever) we hope it’ll encourage players to share more. Unfortunately, while cool in other games and technically possible in Boundless, the mechanics you’re proposing work counter to our current design goals.


First of all, I concordant with Havok, understand him and feel same. But…

I falsely post it in other theme, but will repeat:

If this mechanic will be in Boundless, wish a success of lockbreaking will depend not only from skill level. I mean, it must be hard minigame as that was in The Elder Scrolls. Yes, you can lockpick any door, but this action may bring about weighty consequences like a dagger deep in nape :slight_smile:

No way. We don’t want to actively encourage player vs player actions, paranoia or malicious exultations.
But as a game feature mechanic it’s not lacking of mean. It can do Boundless more realistic, more various and more intersting.
May be, it will be not actual grabbing. For example, player may take copy of chest’s content.

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Gotta agree with the general consensus of replies, locked chests & doors should be unbreakable. Everything else would lead to multi-layered fortresses like in Rust (like @ben already said) and while I like the idea of beacon PvP/raiding I don´t think that lockpicking is the right approach to it.
However I still think that a perk somewhere in the explorer tree that allows you to occasionally bypass gate-tolls or one that lowers gate tolls for a few % would be neat.
It just fits to the tree imo:

  • Explorers travel a lot
  • They´ll probably have to use tunnels, bridges, etc. quite frequently.
  • Bypassing some of them would help them to save some money.
    :arrow_right: Perfect fit.

One thing that could be done to allow players to attempt looting other players chest could be a guild special combat mode. Guild owners could set the guild in a raid mode that would allow them to loot and destroy other guilds property that is within a beacon. The raid mode would have to give all guild members a clear way of showing that they were in raid mode. After a raid is done, the property would regenerate, but loot would stay in whoever had kept or stolen it. There would need to be a way for larger guilds to be balanced against smaller ones, so this concept might not work but…

This is definitely not out of the question, and it’s a much better application of something that feels like lock picking, but is in tune with the goals I listed above :thumbsup:


i would like to see lock cracking for game generated crates/doors, or a specific tier of player made storage (like if you wanna hide goodies about for randoms to find)

i would also like to see it as a general skill that all could learn regardless of choices in game

the worlds look so good that there NEEDS TO BE! secret chests and doors and lock picking / key making should def be a part of this game hnnnggg!

‘remember that one cave on that one world that had that hidden chest under all that gleam with the +60 Dark Diamond Chisel of Inverted Sloping!’

the stories would be grand