Explorer's Diary

I’m Master Explorer Zjawcia

I love scouting and exploring SOV planets, im trying to get to every one i see at sky from all perma planets :smiley:

this will be my explorerss diary where ill be posting photos from my journeys :smiley:

i was thinking about thiis almost from time i set my foot at first ever SOV after my comeback :smiley:

first SOV i saw which is now my HOME - THE FUTURE :smiley:

but what makes me finally starting my Diary?

Yesterday i saw planet straight from Fairytale Tales :smiley:

pure childhood memories :smiley:


Wow the trees and foliage colours :sunglasses:

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but its not whole story about thiis exact SOV, wait for it :slight_smile:
, before this fairytale SOV i found this one:
i ran thru half of planet to find world beacon, as i aproached marked location i saw this

i met the owner who shoowed me the undertree area

and portal leading to this SOV straight from childidh dream i show you above :smiley:

exploring dream world

night view

end of 1st entry :smiley:


Returning to home :slight_smile:

Home sweet Home…
well… my first and only home were at Dzassak, over the lake neae GamerGirl pixelart and PS Dzassak hub
sadly after my return i noticed…
only remains…

lake was already plotted, PS hub dissapeared, Ultima Mall remains dissapeared also… i claimed old PS DZassak hub area
amnd make it my temporary reclaim storage

but… where to build my new home?
ran across dzassak to find a portal leading to any planetary hub
i found a portal leading to TNT Dzassak hub
i was so happy seeing TNT mega hub even bigger than i remembered

running arounnd i noticed few new additions, SOV WALL, new farm hub

walking accross i was thinking about place to settle snd suddenly, 1 sign caught my eye

it was exactly what i wanted - my future :smiley:

didnt know what lies ahead i aproached portal slowly…

SOV planet… may i?
i entered huuge building… with many many portals around

walking around i found info about all those portals

also found a discord link and guild book

also several FARMS :slight_smile:

i ran thru region exp portals and found that i like this planet with cool lakes where… maybe… i will be able to build?

joined discord channel and asked about allowance of plotting

i was told i can plot anywhere i want, that i can pick area next to exp region portal for easy access to hub and my home :smiley: that was enough for me - ran thru portals again looking for nice place over lake and i found nice place, behind exp region portal 49 :slight_smile:

my build iiiis still in progress
working now at my color display and area guardian :smiley:


Rediscovering Boundless sounds fun :sunglasses:

Maybe I should take a 2 year break and come back then to see changes made by Monumental. Get surprised here and there… :thinking:


I should stream and record my scanning of planets like this and share the videos. It would be nice to see the planets that have come and gone, even those back in early access. I saw a few OLD videos of the game some have shared and the game does have quite a bit of history that would have been nice to document.


I need to get back into live-streaming mapping out exo worlds :sweat_smile:

edit: speaking of which, to all who are curious, here is my fastest mapping of an exoworld! I hope one day I can beat it.

click for video



Another exploring Entry, #2

TNT/GTG Storis II planetary hub, Giggleswick City
local portal

nice name :smiley:
going thru portal
platform with view

nice and kinda rare view - trees with 2 kind of foliage :smiley:

fields of flowers

even more flowers

sadly no gleamballs in this world

same world, 2 different foliage at twisted trees

thats a decent twisted farm spot

shadow red tangle, shadow green thorns

ill be back, another dimension calling :slight_smile:


i have no experience with streaming, thats why i decided to make a diary :smiley: i just like running on wild sovs making pics from time to time when i bumping into something interesting :smiley:


@Zjawcia please keep going! Love the diary. Maybe do one a day or one a week whatever your time allows.


Starbug adventure in progress :slight_smile:

muddy biome :smiley:

and cool one creature

poor cretures, theyre eating gravel

and nooooow, there are 2 of them flowers

and thats all for today :smiley:
tomorrow - new day - new planet :smiley:
stay tuned :smiley:


@Redlotus thats my plan, im going to memorize every single sov ill find :smiley:


good morning :smiley:
loking at the Dzassak sky i saw something…

it will be my next target for exploring but… but… how i have to name my diary entry?
“Exploring “CAT BUTT”?”
im not sure… really…

another sov spotted from Dzassak

and another

and another

so there are 4 of them planets to explore

lets start than :slight_smile:


:one: Todays (18jan23) entry - CAT BUTT


red and green combined

on the way to world beacon - spotted mud and gleamballs

mud mud everywhere

under the platform

and on

expired portal

again on the way

tree, foliage and flowers, nice view :smiley:

and loads of huuuge lustrous

and forest fire remains - ash

and my fav spots - twisted along with waxy foliages :smiley:

and farm fields

and nice sedi rock formation

and its the end of 1st planet for today,
lets check another seen from Dzassak


:two: Todays (18jan23) entry - EDEN-RA

luminous planet :smiley:


those colors

and fire foresdt remains

lovely view

twisted/waxy farm place :slight_smile:

night view - 2 gleam biomes


and thorns

rare view on almost all planets - single ancient

on the way to world beacon

and portal


from TNT

at the gleamball top, saving location just in case such color isnt at farm at TNT gleam hub :slight_smile: deep lavender, going to check TNT gleam hub after my return

i like colors there, i think ill farm here abit next few days, for sure twisted, foliage, ash, mud, flowers, tangles and thorns :slight_smile: and gleam if not at tnt farm :slight_smile:

ill be back here for sure, now forgive me, dinner calls :smiley:


:three: : Todays (18jan23) entry - MILAN

do you noticed this 2nd portal before? it leading to another SOV - lets check it

its T3 MILAN

2 gleam biome at start :slight_smile:

flowers on trees again

cherry trees :smiley:

not so flat world


oh god, found it, i found most rare ancient tree


:four: Todays (18jan23) entry - VALERIEN

found them tangles

im freezing - ice and glacier

anyone remember? underwater gleam deposit

and gleam deposit over ice

another gleam formation? looks kinda like shrine

annnnd ghoost field :smiley:


thanks for watching :smiley:
i think thats all for today:) now im going to sort blocks and saved location tokens slight_smile:
let me know if something catched your eyes :smiley:


Do it son!


I did that blink exoworld last night before I fell asleep, and before it disappeared. It was nice practice and also some good terrain for speed mapping