:boundless: Exploring Fists Market :boundless:

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Hey fellas and gals, we got 3 additional shops up in Circarpous cuttlepunk Stargates Transfer Station. @H3yjo’s shop, @Jeffrotheswell wayfarer totems and of course @Abeloech ooooooh hunny shop!! Please don’t miss them if you come visit our main shop they certainly have items Exploring fists does not carry!!


Wow… this place is growing. Lots of variety and lots of stock. Just about everything I need here!

Dammit, I let this post go unchanged for too long… QUICK update, exploring first is no longer buying resources from the public.

Thank you.

@James or @Havok40k @Stretchious
Is there any way to make trading posts not get lock or time out like this?

I am afraid I’ll have to make a new post :pensive:

Only thing I can do is change it to a wiki post, which will revive it, but makes it editable by everyone

I don’t want the post to fall under something that is not… I’ll think of something different. Thank you though.

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This place is great!

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Thanks Drebb! We got almost a completed collection of atlases for every planet for sale. We have some amazing explorers among us