:boundless: Exploring Fists Market :boundless:

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Although, still working on the building itself, we are continuesly growing the area! Better prices, more stock and a complete selection of everything you may need. Around our HUB is slowly becoming a center of commerce for the Cuttlepunks with a couple of stores slowly coming up. They are not yet completed but stay tuned, grab openings coming up.

How to get there?

We are now accessible though our own personal hub that uses Ultima as the main connection to the universe. to get there just follow the pictures below!

Ultima portal to Bessevrona ->

Take a left and jump through the portal call "StarGate: reactive Lamella "

Once you arrive at our Bessevro hub turn left into our Guild’s Central Hub in Circarpous 1


thanks for coming!
----------------------------------------------Main floor---------------------------------------------------
–>End game quality gear
Tier 5 3x3 Hammers
Basic Liquid breakers

Additional items:

->Provisions section(food)
•cookes steaks and yams.
•meat rossittos
•xp/persistent loafs
•xp/persistent pies 300c per

->Basic metal tools(alloy)
•alloy axes, shovels, and slings.
•alloy hammers/Grapples/chisels

->Healing/reviver items
•revive augments
•healing bombs

•all standard gem coils

->Exclusive forge tools
•Forged gold
•forged Wayfairer/gleambow/standard utility totems
•Extended section of explorer fists.
•NEW Lattice chisels!!!

-> Atlas section.
• New expansion of atlas now open, it is an incomplete section as we work to discover every nook and cranny in the universe, stock is always updated and more planets will be added.

->Organic Farms
•all seeds/bulbs
•Liquid breaker
•metal tillers
•water and lava

----------------------------------------------------Upper floor------------------------------------------------------

-> Hunting goods

–> Trophies
Hopper cores
Spitter Scales
Cuttletrunk Tentacle
Wildstock Horn

–>Mining goods
• Ores
•Standard Gems
•Exotic gems
• coal

-> Surface drops
• orbs
• beans
earth yams

On going request
Rough Gems; request baskets now infront of Exploring Fists Market’s front door (less running around for you)

Emerald/Amethyst 100c per - 20k basket
Diamond 30c per - 20k basket
Topaz 30c per 20k in basket
Fibrous leafs 4c per - 10k basket
Sweet beans 35c - 20k basket

Looking for hand trades? PM myself Ethos#0393 / Ghost of MarkoPolo#5838 / Xyxeron#8336 you can also ping any of us three in the Cuttlepunk Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/sfehC33 thank you everyone!


cant find you

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I’ll let some coordinates and better directions

Updated Directions! sorry for being hidden in the sticks before.

I believe @Vansten is buying Rift for a better price than you are selling, if you wish to sell to him!

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Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I’ve re-stock the rift(same price) and trying to fill up our new sections.
Surface resources.
Please note the prices you see in this section may change as I do a little research. Some maybe cheaper or pricier than what you noticed around the world’s I am working on fixing this.

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I found you after taking a wrong turn^^

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Nice, I know I am in the middle of no where. Thanks for stopping by, if the shelf is out I am due for a masscrafts or two soon.

I would rather do a handtrade then losing coin to the useless tax collector, but your choice :slight_smile:

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I know :joy: I cannot be on at all times though but I have not discussed that with my co-partners at the store, it would definitely help. First, I need to switch plots with my alt with tax reduction at some point. Lots too do so little time :grin: thanks for the idea though I’ll see if they can assist with hand trades.

100k in basket for oort, gem and leaf request is on going. Baskets are now infront of the store in Circarpous :slight_smile:

adding a new farm section, and we have expanded our atlas area. basic liquid breakers selling for 500c each.

Please let me help with the surrounding area decor to attract vict… customers

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oh I found that place while hunting on circarpous, and filled your oort request basket :yum:


We appreciate you :smiley: check by we normally have 20k in there every week or so

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Updated basket request section

New items available, inorganic farms will come later.

Oh you sell exotic yam seeds too!! Perfect!!

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Who is looking to play with them lattice chisels?

Come on down Exploring Fists and check them out :smiley:


Added another 3, currently working on making more compound if you see the shelf empty we will add more once our compound situation is resolved. Most likely in a few hours the latest by tomorrow you will see the shelf re-stocked once again.

You got there too late? Was the shelf empty? I normally post in the Cuttlepunk trading channel ahead of the forums. If you want to be ahead of everyone that is the best way to get news quickly.