Explosives? No... Think Bigger! Remember to take notes

I think books would be a great way, maybe can use it to put together recipes you discovered or use it to give out clues to a treasure spot or other types of stuff of interest.

Or journals for making your own lore.

ya that would be cool i have a library of sorts on MC but i don’t think explosives for mining purposes is a good idea at all

I think explosives can be ok if it was a smaller radius than that of MC’s tnt, and only blows up dirt, rocks, sand (stuff that doesn’t have precious metals/gems/gleam)

well just imagine a bunch of holes everywhere because someone felt like placing some TNT on the ground for fun

Damage should be pretty minor if creating such items requires a bit of work and materials to put together, and it’s most use would to be to help find materials easier for those that mine.

But I think potions that give players extra ‘stamina’ to dig faster for a short amount of time and after that there is a cooldown of say 5 mins before you can use the potion again after use.

well i’m all for potions of a lot of different kinds including stam pots its just i’m pretty skeptical about the explosives i’ve been to way to many MC servers where there were holes everywhere

I wouldn’t worry too much @GodfreyHavok, regenerating worlds would fix holes, I don’t know how often it is done but it will be there. Again, shouldn’t be a bad thing if materials are kinda hard to come by.

ah i had absolutely no clue world regens would be in game that actually resolves the issue quite well

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