Explosives? No... Think Bigger! Remember to take notes

A tool that when you place it, you then after “use” it. It begins to glow, particles begin to spin and swirl about around it for a few seconds before it explodes in a bright flash and effects show. The result is all blocks within a specific radius being not only destroyed, but the dropped item versions of them are collected right in the middle of the hole the explosion leaves behind.

An item that is basically a writable book. It saves your progress, so you can add entries at separate times and you can choose to let others edit it, or only you can. To go with this would be a book shelf, it would actually hold each time or book you write, up to five or so books per shelf block, similar to a chest, but it’s appearance changes to show how many books or has in it.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I had almost an entire library in Minecraft I plan to bring over to Oort for you guys to take part in server side.


I am not quite sure what i think about the explosives but the writeable book is a must and and have yet to meet anyone who disagree.

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Basically the explosives would be like tnt in minecraft, but be far nicer to look at [from a safe distance[, and demonstrates a mild level of magic as we can expect from Oort by collecting the fallen blocks in the center for you.

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I understood that part but I am not sure i agree that it is a good idea.

Why is that?

Also, here’s an image example for pretty factor.

Explosives are often one of the factors that make worlds look like a war-zone.

People like to derp around with them and mess things up.


Ooooohhh… You mean the griefing issue. Well maybe if it was actually hard to get, like it required Oort stone or Oort stone dust. [If they see my hints at oort stone dust and add it…]

i actually talked about this, in my post about bombs. but making it a book seems rather overkill, but there was already a great discussion whether or not bombs would be a good idea, go look at the opinoins there :smile:

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I think explosives would only cause trouble. Either griefers are going to blow your town to bits or every other player is going to blow the world apart. There would just be holes everywhere. And hope that beacons can prevent explosive damage. Something to think about…

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beacons will make stuff indistructable. also worlds will regenerate so that is not much of a problem.

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I honestly think beacons and world regen will solve 90% of grief issues, I see no problem with explosives… I used to blast mine on mc for stone or sand in large build projects to great effect. This idea could be useful in oort too.


Basically, if anything except you breaks your house when it’s inside a beacon, complain to the Devs a lot until they fix it so you and only you can do anything.

yup. no argument here.

books? overkill? well, perhaps in an mmo situation… but if you just stored the information in an item I don’t think it would be too hard.

is there any way to summon a dev to straighten this out?

“developer, developer, I summon thee from the codes of eternity…”

@Vanshark Just so you know, you can edit your posts if you forget those footnotes.

I found a great representation of the explosive idea, btw.
Imagine this in place-able bomb form. Kinda like it’s predecessor grenade in guerrilla.

i think explosives would be a great pvp item like maybe they only harm organic matter like players and mobs (maybe trees maybe not) also make them really difficult to craft so people aren’t just throwing a bunch of bombs to win a war

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So let me get this straight, you use a ‘tnt’ to blow stuff up, everything is destroyed in the radius but it leaves behind a book so you can save your progress? Huh?

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What? Where did the book come in?

the book was a different part of the topic earlier

Oh I just read it as just one item with the entire effect of the original post. lol Didn’t know it was cause topic said Explosives .XD