Extra-Life 24 hour gaming marathon benefiting Children's Miracle Network. Help me help kids!

It’s almost that time of the year again. That time when the Extra-Life 24-hour marathon event raises MILLIONS for the Children’s Miracle Network. This year, I’m looking to reach a personal contribution goal of $400. That’s DOUBLE what I raised last year, and with ya’lls help I know we can reach it! This goal is dedicated to my local UMC Children’s Hospital, and goes toward helping kids need! I will be live streaming several games throughout the day, including Oort Online on Twitch on November 7th, and you can follow along if you like! If you want to join our team or pledge a donation, PLEASE click this link below!!


I am in this too.

Maybe we should form team Oort!


I’m in a team with my brother, at the moment. If you’re not already a member of a team, there is plenty of space here :wink:


Just gonna bump this thread :smiley:


I’m working on setting up my Twitch stream for the charity event for a few minutes if any of you want to give me feedback on audio and frame rate quality. I may do a web cam later as well.

Hey, I saw and heard what you were doing over Twitch. When I tried to chat back to you, it insisted that I create an account and from that point it became a horrific mess. I still don’t know if I have an account or not. But you sounded fine and the stream looked good. When I got back into OO you were missing.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback! It’s hard to see for myself if the frame rate and audio is good from the same machine :smiley:

I just gave your donation total a little kick in the pants, too. :heavy_dollar_sign: :two: :five:

Care to match that, anyone :question:

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Seriously, that means loads to me :joy:

What are you guys gonna do in the OO stream?

Explore builds, fight monsters, maybe arena battle, etc.

@Havok40k Can i join you guys in the stream, im not gonna stream. But i mean like can i play with you guys?

Sure! If you want to go further, you can join the team at the link above and help raise money toward the team goal too :wink:

@Havok40k Do i need to stream? I mean… I have a gaming computer but a really good one.

@Havok40k What’s the team name? So i can join

Team name is Vode An, and no you don’t need to stream. All the info you need should be obtainable at the link in the original post.

Hey everybody, about to start twitch streaming Rocket League, join us or watch at www.twitch.tv/havok40k

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Hey everybody, this event is just around the corner! I want to set aside a few hours dedicated to streaming Boundless, and I’d like for you to join me! What I would really like is to invite @ben, @James and the rest of the dev team to join me, if any of you feel like taking some time off to go on an adventure! Activities could include grapple course speed races, themed build contests, creatures hunts, and maybe some pvp action in the Kovah Arena. What I don’t know is what time would be best for all of my EU friends to join me.


Is PvP a thing?

It was at one point, but I don’t know for certain any more…

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