Extra prestige based on color

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I remember reading somewhere that the prestige system takes into account “blocks gathered from other worlds.” So, this got me wondering: Does the prestige system just take into account the item’s tint?

Does that mean one could spray blocks a different color than the homeworld’s blocks (of the same type) are, and gain prestige?

My understanding is the system just takes into account if the color is different than what is normally found on the world and not which world the block comes from. I’m not sure though.

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Spraying should hypothetically work

But things with colors aren’t worth much prestige so it doesn’t really make much difference

If you want prestige, start laying some machined metal and deco gems (sadly)

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Well, I’m not trying to “prestige bomb” I’m just wanting to build nice and get good prestige returns as well :grin:

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You can’t really do that tbh haha

It’s one or the other

I believe “non native colors” works for marble and concrete and mosaic

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Yes you can, it just takes longer and more work. I am doing it with Twisted Dragon Hub just fine. A trick is to dble walls(wall empty space then wall) fill the empty space with other types of blocks like gems and machined metal where it wont actually fit in the design. I have seen this done all over.

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I believe the system works on a calculation of off-planet (exotic) colours vs. native colours and you can be penalized for going to heavily in either direction.


Really good info @wakeNbake thanks for that! My whole build is foreign colors, looks like I need to start using my homeworld’s colors haha :thinking:

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the prestige system never “penalises”, prestige can only ever go up when adding a new block: though of course removing a block can reduce prestige, so “changing” a block (recolouring/chiselling) may reduce prestige if the block you “removed” was more prestigious than the one you “place” in its place.

the colour part of prestige is a pure bonus though, the more “non-default” colours you have, the more prestige you get (capped so after a while you dont get extra by using non-default, but thats not a penalisation)


I think I’ve gotten decent levels of prestige in my build without a prestige bunker or whatever you would call it. Just a mixture of block types and lots of chiselling, lots of brick, marble etc


Yes I could of picked my words better.

While you’re at it though I do have a question… I am painting a number of my trees to more palatable colours than their standard pink. By painting the natural block is it then considered a part of the build? Or will it remain as a natural world generated block?

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it will be considered part of the build, it will still retain its normal drops though so if it was natural wood and you paint it, its still “natural wood” and can give you sap drops, but will be considered part of the build for prestige/reclaim now.


Makes sense. My godswood area has a reasonable prestige count for what it is. But as you know @wakeNbake a lot of sprays were consumed getting rid of those pink trees lol

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