Extreme Ping


Also i do believe this is a game bug lol as it has never spiked that high before and your not the only one that has pointed this out not counting everyone so far has had decreased performance despite everyone being on the exact same internet as before.

But saying that it’s perfectly fine if you ask me for these reasons
1.it’s still in alpha
2. Wonderstruck actually care about the game not the greed of money like every other company xD
3. It’s a new patch so can’t expect it to be flawless especially due to it’s size
4. compare to other companies Wonderstuck studios is quite small at least for boundless as the team is mentioned on here and on the main site.
5. the dev’s are lovable so you can’t be mad at them :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not 100% sure what kind of ISP’s everyone has here, but your internet provider can be a big reason why you are getting such high latency to any of the servers that are setup for the game. Like @james suggested, the route could be too long but that is something to do with your ISP. There are some ways of getting better routes to the internet. If your ISP allows you to, try changing your DNS server settings to something that gives out shorter routes to the servers you are trying to access.


tried this already does improve the ping but causes issues in game such as land tear and world regen errors


i would recommend getting winMTR to see your route this will show you your ping your route straight to your router


I work for an ISP and monitor the entire network, I know how it all goes down :stuck_out_tongue: Just trying to help out other people who may not know.


As per my response here - it does seem like the new Boundless client contains a high latency issue. But it’s not happening for everyone - so there is likely some combination of hardware, or location, or network driver, or who knows what is triggering it. We will investigate once the team is online again after the New Year (sorry for the delay but this is quite a specialized part of the game).

However, it’s also possible that other players are getting a slow connection for other reasons: bad network drivers, a/v or firewall issues, poor wifi quality (always try wired), router contention, low bandwidth connection, etc. So there might still be something players can do to help themselves.

The tests proposed in this thread will help isolate the most obvious issues.

If the ping (or latency) is over 500ms the game will be unplayable pretty much by configuration. So if you get the “Slow network” message the game will likely micro-reset noticeably (rubber banding, blocks reappearing) - as the delayed messages get ignored.

If the ping (or latency) is over (say) 5000ms = 5s then the game is simply no longer talking to the server in realtime. The connection is blocked or dropped or something.


We don’t have servers in London. (That looks like a route via London.)


Let’s see a dxdiag of your system. If your playing on hardware that is below min spec I know from testing you will see “high ping” times.

@james I would recommend changing the way that it presented to users to say something like hardware lag versus network lag.


Yes - we need to do a better job or reporting what is happening and why. But often we simply don’t know. The messages just took a long time to return and it happened outside of the application scope.

But we definitely need to report something that the player has a chance to understand and try and diagnose the issue - especially as Boundless relies on the connectivity.


After the update i got lots of lag to, before i played on network test, and it was no problem.


Hmmm ok. Thanks for the info. Seems like there is an issue in the update.


Ok ima try my best not to be rude here -_-


Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.161024-1825)

Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz

Memory: 8192MB RAM

Card name: AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Chip type: AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6899)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)play Memory: 4850 MB
Dedicated Memory: 1010 MB
Shared Memory: 3840 MB
Current Mode: 1680 x 1050 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor
Monitor Model: Acer B226WLYMDPR
Native Mode: 1680 x 1050§ (59.887Hz)
Output Type: HD15

Sound DFX12

All drivers up to day don’t use wifi i used a wired connection

Asus RT-AC51U
802.11 ac Duel Band Router
733mb cap

Internet 40mb fibre line From Plusnet unlimited internet as i do about 1tb of data a month

so yeah it might be a old system but more then enough needed

not counting i play perfectly fine on other games which are across the seas from me which reminds me

Physical location

United Kingdom,Southampton

no devices conflicting as i check that already

internet path i’ve rerouted countless times

Fireware Comodo internet Security Premium all set up and connections from boundless all allowed/trusted this is also my anti virus

Server i’m connected too EU,Therka

all software is on a partitioned drive which is not allowed though without my permission Security 516 AES military bit encrytions along with other obsessive security which i am not posting but i can confirm that it does not effect boundless

all networks of my mine are run with permission of me and do not conflict with any connections with boundless as i’ve monitored it for about 40 hours all my networks are set up by me anyway which might i add i know exactly what i was doing with them.

its not steam servers or steam overlay as i’ve already looked into it and conducted my own tests

my Boundless.exe is run in x64 with admin permissions

my data route go’s from my router to be3-3104psb my isp based in Sheffield to London tohetzner.de at 51 ms to therka which now seems to go to that 51 ms to 23k ms when it connects to the server… no error reports regarding internet no errors in my event viewer other than old reports before i joined boundless

no malware no virus no junk no spyware no anything of the kind (i’m paranoid) ive rerouted my connections 21 times to improve my performance all turnt off when i join boundless

programs running when i play boundless

graphics drivers
sound drivers
my firewall/anti virus
mouse/keyboard drivers
anti spyware live protection (ive disabled this in the past has no effect)
i believe that’s it

performance before the testing update

got it down to 80ms (meh its playable)

performance now 23k as i’ve posted already (can’t get it lower and yes same programs booted and yes i’ve tryed to reroute the data)

stealthed ports are off when playing boundless all ports are fine too

other games ms

path of exile gateway london

i know that is off topic and i apologise for that but just for this point that is being routed via 6 locations

my ms is fine

…enough information? (sure i missed a few things but this post is too big already)

also sorry for the bad English and yes i know that is more of a rant than anything

which says something as path of exile is unstable xD


Thank you for the detail sorry for being rude. That is more than enough for the current game. The next thing to do would be run a traceroute.

run the following command and please post the results;

tracert d36kx37nk0bz9z.cloudfront.net


might be a error or two in revelations xD


No that looks fine. Your connection is good. Will you do me a favor and open the game hit period a couple of time and pull up the diagnostic menu, and take a screenshot of it you should see the performance metrics on the upper right.


that was from just now

Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!? that was what happened when i first came back xD

it keeps spiking left right and centre and ik my frame rates is 4 but that keeps happening :stuck_out_tongue:

as i pointed out above not my end


Man i’m sorry .Your set up looks fine. I guess you have to wait for them to fix it.


yup i know i have alot of access to beta games so i got plenty to do :slight_smile:


Dwarven-Stone-Bear and me seem to have the same issue and as @james said, it is most certainly an issue with the update/game client. Altough, i don’t get to 22k pings, i’m between 500 and 2000 but it’s enough to be very irritating and difficult to play.

  1. What Network device and drivers are you running?

  2. Can you share a game log?

Also, can you quickly run the game with the Graphics option set to “Quarter Resolution”?

I want to disconnect the FPS from the latency issue.