💣 EZPZ Dodge Bombs at Gleambowdia Arena, Sun Oct 4 at 1pm ET/ 5pm UTC. Win 1M!

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:bomb: EZPZ Dodge Bombs Event! :bomb: at :rainbow:Gleambowdia Arena :rainbow:!


Meet up at Gleambowdia arena, accessible via EZPZ hub (1st floor, SE corner) or Gleambowdia’s red rock road

Teams of 2! Post your teams down in this thread or contact me in-game, and we will get you on the board.


1st and 2nd-place prizes for the Teams:

  • 1st-place team gets :moneybag: 1M :moneybag:
  • 2nd-place team gets :money_mouth_face: 500k :money_mouth_face:

Last man standing prizes for the free-for-alls:

  • 10k - 100k!

More prize categories TBA, prizes will be a variety of forged gears.


  • Double-fisting is allowed
  • Brews: speed brew only :tropical_drink:
  • Pies: starberry pie only :starberry:
  • Donuts: you may use any bomb augments
  • No grappling
  • No regening during a match
  • Only throw bombs when your team is battling
  • Please use the bombs handed out to you
  • And have a good time!

Team-style bracket event, free ground:

Two teams battle each other in an arena without being stuck to sides, in an effort to win 2 matches out of 3

We will also have a couple of free-for-alls here and there, so use those to keep your skills sharp while everyone faces off against each other!

The Venue:

:rainbow:Gleambowdia Arena :rainbow: at Gleambowdia, Trior

Portal tokens are located at the arena in case you decide to hook a portal up to your base. Thanks again to @DJDancecraft for letting us use his arena!

Once again, contact us and let us know your teams!

Join our discord for contact and discussions:



Backup: N-fluence


This is gonna be interesting to see


Go ahead and sign me up
Team name: C.:o:.R.E.
Players: JDGroat & TBD


uh oh. my arch nemesis is gonna go into battle? well, atleast neither of us have official teammates yet


I’m coming! haven’t attended a dodge bombs event in a very long time. Getting a bomber alt this time so i can win over the competition. :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: Teamate: TBD


kirruV2 and reaphunt (road to pathfinder guy) team name : the fluffy dragons (TFD)

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Got confirmation from @keeekeee (oorteeesha) team champions, please!

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Sign @Spoodle and I up.


Don’t forget, I’m making a ton of bombs for new teams to get practice!

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not that new but i kinda do need practice.


ive gotta lead a hunt soon, but ill message you when its over. also @LunaiHunter if your looking for a teammate theres several guys i could hook you up with

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@LunaiHunter if you need practice im done leading

also team elioatmeal and N-fluence name: music producers

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I have absolutely no idea what the event is about and what to do but if me and my boy can make it we’ll come watch! I think 1pm ET is 2pm local time for me.

Was annoyed tonight, we were gonna jump on the brown Town hunt but it’s a bit too late for my lad :roll_eyes:


basically its a giant area and your given 1 plot thick ground to stand on and bombs. you have to bomb the other team down through the 1 plot thick ground and into the lava pit below


1 week till the event :bombbag::bombbag: !

Big shout-out to @DJDancecraft again for helping me out with EVERYTHING


ok, i’ll do a few practice rounds at gleambowdia in 30 mins.

edit: I supply the bombs!

i wont be there hunt just started

XD. Just looking for others who want to practice. If you don’t need any practice, you don’t have to come.

just thought you could wait and get some tips to your playstyle when im available