EZPZ Main Shop - Grand Opening 🥳

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Grand Opening of the EZPZ Shop!

:partying_face::partying_face: Happy to announce the grand opening of our shop - the EZPZ Shop on Maryx! Come one come all for an EZPZ shopping experience!! :confetti_ball:

We also want to thank everyone who shopped with us/visited us as we build and stock up the store! We are thrilled to see we reached 21 patrons before the grand opening!

Where to find us:

Our shop is located in Maryx, in the town of EZPZ (1624, -8). You can find the EZPZ Portal from the following locations:

  • DK Mall USE Planetary Hub
  • Portal Seekers Biitula Hub, the inner ring, east side (portal named EZPZ Main Shop)
  • TNT Megahub, the inner ring, south side
  • Guardian Network Biitula
  • Naughty Mall Lobby
  • Iconic Mall
  • Kindred Bay, HSE,
  • Sasquatch Hunt Lobby on Alder
  • Choice House of Crazies in Maryx
  • TNT Maryx - Player Portal 7 (not renamed yet!)

What do we sell:

  • Forged tools: T1-T7 AOE Tools (speed/dura hammer, shovel, axe)
  • Utility tools: chisels, spanners, looters, building hammers, liquid breaker, solidifier, special chisels, grabber fists, regen bombs, etc.
  • Forged weapons: sniper/shotgun/crit slingbows, fists, damage/healing bombs
  • Forged grapples: range, projectile speed, with dura or reel speed
  • Forge Ingredients: gums, pastes, compounds, resins, solvents, catalysts
  • Plain Tools: Gem and non-gem tools, grapples, chisels, bombs, fists
  • Food and Brews: Multiple tiers of buff food (pies, loaves, porridge, stew, etc.), and multiple tiers of all brews
  • Metal Derivatives: metal/alloy bar, compact, refined and machined metal and alloy
  • Gleam and Decoratives: We specialize in white gleam, plain, refined, decorative gleam, and plain/ornate/decorative gleam everything, including glass, signs, LED
  • Energy Products: Spark, compact coals, oort shards

What do we buy:

Request baskets available for most ores, plant/creature drops!

The EZPZ Hub:

Our hub connects to multiple planetary hubs and shopping malls. We have multiple portals in different configurations available up for grab! We are happy to customize any portal for you too!

Our goodies are also available at:

  • EZPZ @ DK Mall A1, Gyosha Mall, Iconic Mall, ShowRoom(SR) USE F3
  • EZ Bakery @ Naughty Mall Blue 51, SR USE D1
  • EZ Cafe @ Iconic
  • EZ Hunt & Slingbows @ DK Mall A38, SR USE F11

Contact us:

For any requests, bulk orders, suggestions, or random shower thoughts, PM us in-game (whitelet and KArios), discord @whitelet#0576, @KArios#0718, or here on forum @KArios @whitelet! We have mailboxes set up in our hub area inside the office too!


Here is a catalog of what we offer!

  • Forged Tools

  • More Forged Tools

  • Forged Slingbows

  • Forged Bombs and Fists

  • Forge Ingredients, Request Baskets

  • Plain Tools

  • Food and Brews

  • Metal, Gleam Products & Fuels


Congratulations on the grand opening.


Thank you! :heart:

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A bird eye view of EZPZ :grin: Noticing that the dawn of our shop accompanied with whitelet’s sacrifice lol


Thank you!! :grin:

Great shop, clean environment, great prices! 10/10 Will shop there again.



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Great looking shop : )


Congratz on the grand opening on the main EZ store! i love EZ for all my forge needs! here you go

For whitelet:
Hey look! it’s white! it has the W for white and L for let
For Karioos
Supposed to be a K but couldn’t make it. sorry. but hope you enjoy these glyphs for your profile pic!


Thank you!!

You have a great selection :ok_hand:


Congrats guys! You do great work. Looking forward a couple good forgers with a solid shop (+)


Great looking shop!!


:open_mouth: your spicy beans request basket is empty :o nvm, found the request basket in dk mall you have :slight_smile: