EZ's Hunt and Slingbows - Shop

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Now open - EZ’s Hunt and Slingbows at DK Mall A38.

Accessible via DK Mall’s A35 shortcut, the USE showroom - F11, and the PS Biitula hub, on the 2nd level north side.

We specialize in forged slingbows of all gem types, snipers, shotguns, DPS bows, and more, suitable to different playstyles. We also sell hunting-related consumables, crit/invig pies, strength/revive/healing brews, healing bombs, and various slingbow augments! Pay us a visit before your next hunting trip!

Great prices for the opening sale, and bows now come pre-augmented with extra damage 3!

PM me for hand trade discounts, or any custom forge requests!

Please let me know what you think, and I’d also like to know what boon/trait combinations you like on your slingbows


Shop updated with two of my favorite new categories:
Firecannon (damage, spd, range) and Rainmaker (num proj, speed, damage)! They both do the PEW PEW PEW thing pretty well ;).

We also added a handy weapon guide to pick the best bow for each planet

Our bows have high ranks (forged by me and @Karios) and feature great prices (with the updated transparent pricing guide). Give us a try for your next hunting, exploring or gathering trip!

In addition to PS Biitula hub and Showroom USE F-11, the shop now also has a shortcut portal at the DK mall lobby, -1 level (A38) (Thank you, @DKPuncherello!)


Im glad to see my old spot being use for such a great thing!

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Transparent pricing guide should be on glass signs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A transparent transparent pricing :wink:

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very important update:

Transparent pricing guide is now on glass signs

mistakes were made. but we fixed it

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