Fan made music inspired by Oort/Boundless

well here is one song i made. inspired by boundless

would fit to water Biome


This is… So good!
Wow… Keep up the good work!


thank you :slight_smile:

That is amazing @Miige!
Would I possibly be able to use that song (with credit to you of course!) in the background of my Boundless videos on YouTube? At least until we have a real soundtrack!
I’ve been using one I quickly composed in 2014 for my first Oort Online video and it would be good to add another track to the background.

Here’s the track Ive been using;


thank you! :slight_smile: yes you can use it! i make it downloadable in soundcloud

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Oh no! We’re in trouble! @Squidgy and @Miige they’re both super good :crown: … I’m really impressed. There’s a mark in the sand now.


I cant see any song to play…
It is a white space between text, any setting i missed?

Its same in @Squidgy:s post, white as titanium-white with extra white…

Try to change the browser maybe.
I can see the song but as always with soundcloud no volume control^^

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Yes, worked in inernet explorer, but not in firefox.

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Firefox extension restricting the Soundcloud embed?

Yes, widevine, primetime and silverlight plugins activated.

@Miige, I loved your piece! It was very reminiscent of Amethystium and I absolutely love their music.
And @Squidgy, your piece reminded me of the music from Zelda games. Haha. It brought back some good memories.
Since you guys were so kind to share some of your music, I will share one of my pieces. I didn’t write it specifically for Boundless, but I think it matches the flowing beauty of the worlds quite nicely.

Edit: The embed didn’t work, so I am trying something else.


I finally listened to it^^
It reminds me a lot of Kingdom Hearts. But sounds really nice nonetheless^^

@Marlaney It sounds awesome but might be a bit too RPGy/Towny for what the devs need.
Would certainly fit a big town though.

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I’ve moved this conversation into its own thread (because it deserves it!). Great work everyone.


Wow your stuff are really great @Squidgy and @Miige ! And your too @Marlaney :slight_smile:


Haha. I would have to agree. For a game like Boundless, you need more atmospheric music. I wouldn’t expect it to actually be in the game.

Good idea! I am sure there are others that have some music to share. And I would be interested to hear more from you and @Miige!

And thank you @Talathel. :blush: