FAQ: Sovereign and Creative World

Thank you ! Too much information since yesterday :slight_smile:


So I have been getting conflicting information from peeps here on the forum and in game.

For a survival soverign world, is black gleam off-limits from rng generation or can it/will it eventually come up in the RNG slot machine of color generation? Please don’t dance around this question, devs as my getting a planet is dependent on the response from this one. I want an actual answer, not a maybe or “no artificial limit”, as one post I’ve seen in the past. I want to know if yes or no its apparently “event only”.

This kinda got under a rock… Dunno why it went so high up… But i would like an answer To this if possible


James has answered this question for you once before.

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how did i realize that my world is available after ive bought it? did i get a notification?

It will appear on your in-game places menu under “Worlds”.


Is there a way to select the atmosphere color? Or how is that color decided?

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We aren’t able to customize those on Sovereign planets.
I believe the atmosphere & water color are tied to the type/tier of the planet.


Grovidas Te, Gloviathosa and Gyosha Ophin have a completely identical atmosphere color?

Sorry, I cannot answer your question. A dev will need to answer that for you.
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Standard worlds atmosphere & water colour are controlled by the world profile for public and sovereign worlds.
However, for creative worlds we have allowed you to pick different colours from the world profile :slight_smile:

So you could have a coal world using lush world lighting

(edit: updated for clarity)


If you select “no rivers”, when you come to selecting the biomes, the ones that have rivers in them (ones with water that aren’t oceans) will they be created with or without water?

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I can’t remember seeing this on the form. I wish I had. Maybe I overlooked it in my excitement? Oh well.


i don’t think we had this option yesterday :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:?


We did not have this option yesterday. I don’t remember it either.


Yea nor did we would have been nice lol


Oh, were you talking about Sovereign worlds? Sorry its only creative worlds that have the option to change the lighting profile away from the world tier


Oh I see. :smiley: