Farm Lighting Question

Learned this from kindling I have a rather large kindling farm that actually puts me to sleep when replanting it. Literally makes me sleepy. Oddest thing.


This is great @Nightstar thanks!

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I don’t understand this.

This corner is at Crop: 25% Seed: 104%

The middle is at Crop: 40% Seed: 110%

The other corner is at Crop: 75% Seed: 108%

What am I missing here?

I think you can fix that by changing the end of your row.


the left corner is seeing more iron than the right.

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Ideally I want them all to be max seed as in Crop: 40% Seed: 110%

I’ll look at it a little more

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Muhahah!! 1% off on one corner…grr.

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You might actually go past the corner if you want it perfect.


I’ve only done this a few years ago for inorganics but yeah, it’s a pain.


Yea perfection isn’t a biggie if a few are off no biggie.

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Checked the setup at Farm School and it appears to be the same way.

Yes you can stack them however mind, that a plant counts as a functuional block, therefore you can only have 520 per chunk, which is about 4 levels

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You can also hide the lava by chiseling the lower part of the block. I use white refined gleam for my farm

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I’m pretty sure that all but one of the crops got moved to the “Grass” system now.

One of the inorganics still counts as mesh. Combustion fraction IIRC.

could be, maybe combustion and/or kindel

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@May-L04 White gleam (and the other colors) works to just have to use more of it to light up the areas.

From low to high light intensity;

Gleam-refined gleam-deco gleam-lantern.
(The reach of the light goes up)

Had shots of my underground farms on Lamblis (when i build Terra Nova the first time) but can’t find them :wink:

I used white deco gleam and it was basically 1 block and 5-6 between each light source. Adding more was unnecessary.

Kindling does not count as a mesh block.

Removed 1 plant:

A Chunk in my Combustion farm area is at 190ish
A Chunk in my kindling farm area is 0-5 (natural plants of certain types counts, below / above the farm)

:pray: my mistake. I was planting both and kindling and combustion and remember I saw a warning about the mesh limit, but vaguely remember whilst planting kindling or combust


I have insomnia and harvesting and replanting my inorganic works a treat for putting me to sleep.

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I got a question, back then I did only natural plants while my brother did huge areas of combustion and kindling. He had the feeling the more plants, or the higher the mesh limit got reached, the more likely plants stay stuck in their growth or so or that plants take longer. I think it’s completely random if plants bug or not. And I heard already that the time shown also is just an estimate. Like I had few prestige plants, they all showed same time but turned out very different. Some bloomed faster, some withered sooner and some later. One bloomed late and withered quick for example while another held quite long. What do we know about that topic so far? (Plants under best growing condition)

[Building a farm also with unnatural plants is one of my goals since I reclaimed my past farm]

Each plant is an entity, it’s not actually concerned with the mesh limit or the plants around it.

The mesh limit ensures that the number of meshes doesn’t crash the client, or the server processing them. It’s in place to ensure that each mesh can perform it’s duty well.

Each tick of each plant (organic or inorganic) contains an RNG component, so if one plant consistently makes bad “rolls” it can look like it has been singled out in some way, but it’s not.

The (Stated) reason for this is that it would have taken considerably more stored data per-plant to track it’s history of growth or aging, and the devs were unable to allot this amount of storage, when players can plant so many plants on a world. It’s less expensive to simply look at the plant’s current state and roll for advancement.

Ironically then your plant that withered so much faster than the others is simply having more “success” at aging :rofl:

You could consider each attempt at growth similar to an attempt at getting a forge boon, then. I think it was luca that explained this very technically I’ll see if I can find it.

I Can’t quickly find the particular post I remember however in this thread there’s some good discussion of the math and the reasons:

Basically though, the only thing stored about any single plant is it’s current condition. This includes the current stage of growth and fertilization.

At each “tick” the environment is evaluated, and the appropriate rolls are applied to the plant. The new state is stored, and everything goes idle until the next “tick” is calculated.


I had to place a tilled soil on the corners to max it out. There may have been a better way though, but good enough for me.