Farm Lighting Question

I did a bit of searching and I saw people mention you can put farms underground. I know about kindling, combustion and goo, but I was mostly wondering about the other farms such as yams, kranuts, starberries, wheat, rice, etc.

I know light affects grow time and was wondering if I could possibly stack farms on top of each other without affecting growth times. I assume I’d could measure it with the debug and see if it shows a growth percentage.

Anyone have any insight into this?

Yeah you can, be aware though, different gleam colors have different growth times :slight_smile: ( and yes you can see that in the debug panel )

and like you, ended up with white gleam as well, to not delay more than needed.


Appreciate that. I most likely would just use pure white in hopes of producing the most light for fastest growth.

I can confirm that you can grow things underground. All of this is. I used white gleam. All crops but goo are there.


Perfect thanks for the reply @XxymoxX

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Also replanting sucks big time so having your organic crops take longer to grow is a great way to maintain sanity :slight_smile: Starve them of light so you can see the light.

Chances are, they’ll still be ready before you come back to harvest.



Must just be gleam lanterns. Sorry no farmer here :blush:

:exploding_head: :dizzy_face:

So… white is the best I guess? What would lanterns do then? Like non gleam ones, do they even count?

nope :slight_smile: or pretty sure they don’t. See the debug panel, there are 2 values, either sun or gleam :slight_smile:
(different values between Raw Gleam, Refined Gleam, Decorative gleam lanterns and so on )

was referring to the screenshot up top :slight_smile: but yeah

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Alright :sweat_smile:

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This I at least know where to get:

Here’s a luminance chart of gleam, gleam lanterns, and poles and stuff.

There’s more info there in the thread.


Learned this from kindling I have a rather large kindling farm that actually puts me to sleep when replanting it. Literally makes me sleepy. Oddest thing.


This is great @Nightstar thanks!

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I don’t understand this.

This corner is at Crop: 25% Seed: 104%

The middle is at Crop: 40% Seed: 110%

The other corner is at Crop: 75% Seed: 108%

What am I missing here?

I think you can fix that by changing the end of your row.


the left corner is seeing more iron than the right.

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Ideally I want them all to be max seed as in Crop: 40% Seed: 110%

I’ll look at it a little more

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Muhahah!! 1% off on one corner…grr.

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You might actually go past the corner if you want it perfect.


I’ve only done this a few years ago for inorganics but yeah, it’s a pain.


Yea perfection isn’t a biggie if a few are off no biggie.

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Checked the setup at Farm School and it appears to be the same way.