Farmers Hunt Anyone?

Lets do a Hunt without hunters (slingbows, bombs) and with farmers instead(hammers, axes, shovels) it make hunting more Fun and Funny :laughing:


They need to rework combat in the game and incentivize hunting more before hunting becomes a thing in earnest again.

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Put it on T3 and I’ll try and show up.

I think it would have to be a pretty large group to go well on t4+ but with the way armor and meteor levels work we should be able to have a great laugh on T3 with 10+ players and still pull a good amount of oort.


I’ll go if you do it tomorrow or this weekend. Gotta make a boopin’ axe first

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I kill most of my roadrunners with an axe while gathering.


I live on Houches and normally kill things with my building Hammer so let’s hunt with farming tools lol

should have been to shinras shovel only hunt on serpensarindi last saturday… lol

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