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Whats the average time I am suppose to be looking at for efficient growth time?

I tried searching around but I couldn’t get any info on it.

At the moment it says average of 1w+~ for most of my crops and that sounds absolutely terrible.
I assume it suppose to be lower but I am not sure if its because of sunlight gettting in to my basement or my gleam light is not bright enough.

I just used what I had available but that may not cut it because its some dark red color.

What planet can I get a correct color gleam?

You can use high-octane mulch/fertilizer spray to greatly speed up the growth process.
Kada is a low level planet with plentiful gleam that is almost white.

The usual best timer you get when you plant them and have enough gleam lighting is 3d18h iirc

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Its below 4 days without fertilizing, but you need to wait 5 days at least (I noticed around 5% crop not fully grown after 5 days, although on small sample of 100 checked twice, so it might be more like 10 and maybe 15 in more extreme unlucky cases, I guess).

Most take 4 days but as @boundmore said some take almost 15 days. Usually in my farm of them 700+ I have about 400-500 in 4 days, 100 more in about 6-8 days, 100 more in 8-10 days and the rest 10-15 days. I don’t use fertilizer.

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Thank you very much all.

Hmm about 4 day growth time still sound slower than I would think but it sure beats 1week.

And yes I got new gleam and it cut the time in half.

Sounds like you’re good now but for anyone else, here is a list of the “brightest” gleams for crops