Farming Hubs - Where can I find them

Hello all, I hear there are farming hubs but I cant find any. Any help would be great. I am looking for all basic raw materials (mud,soil,orbs,gleam,wood,metals).

All accessible via tnt hubs. Also alot of other farms on tnt also.


We have a great T1 farming hub with all basic mats.

MMk T1 Farm Hub
Direct portal from Portal Seekers Biitula - Top Level
Direct Portal from Thrudheim Store @ DK Mall - Shop D00
Accessible from our main Makers Mark hub. Portals can be found Portal Seekers Biitula, TNT MegaHub, Future Mall, Eden Network Biitula


Add mine to the list while we are at it


Thank you all for that great info :slight_smile:

I use all of the above. Also don’t forget. The Future planet. It has some awesome farms too… TNT network has all the farms…

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