’s time for an update

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Farming… This still might be my favourite aspect of the game. It was an update I was so very excited for. It’s also one of the activities I do most in the game. Now that this has been out for a while, I would really love for this to be updated.
Many of us have our little work around a for making farming a little easier to tolerate. AoE tools like a low damage wooden axe. Work well for speeding up harvesting. Planting seeds using a mega fast brew, also makes it a little more tolerable. But like EVERYTHING in farming. It is… tolerable, at best.

First… I would like beacon permissions to be able to give permissions for farming. I don’t want to share ALL that I have, to let someone farm. But letting someone harvest a crop or two. I wouldn’t mind letting that happen.

2nd… forging for the tiller. How about AoE on a tiller, increased durability. Or even Glow. (Why was this never an option? It is a tool!!!)

3rd…skills, (harvesting Epic?) to make it easy to at least break even for farming things like goo. For many spending 5 points on that would be a no go. For me, it’s a dream skill.

4th…Plantable blocks shared with liquid. Why can you angle a deco gravel. Fill half with lava a grow a crop on it, but you can’t do the same for surface crops?

5th… harvesting with an AoE tool (axe) on lava/deco gravel blocks with lava on top is PAINFUL. Half the time you harvest 2 or 3 plants and miss entire rows. This does not happen when the lava is hidden under the deco gravel( precise slope on bottom of block to share lava). Can this be fixed?

6th… higher tier tools to assist with tilling/ harvesting. I would definitely pay the refined gems for a gem tiller…

7th… maybe some new crops. Or even harvestable drops!!! Plant an orb farm with mushrooms! Or an inky farm with nox!

Some of us have massive farms. For those of us who do, please make some changes to assist with this inspired, yet overly difficult part of the game.


Always thought an auto loot harvester would be cool.

It would only harvest fully grown crops. Tool would require magnet boon forged on it and since everyone loves their quirks, 2 new quirk boons.

Organic harvester
Inorganic harvester

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I have a slight feeling they don’t want to make it easier for us who have massive farms as then we would only be encouraged to make them even more extreme, which further devalues the product it makes.

But it would be nice to get some QoL updates and new things for it.


I find that some days, I have to choose between doing something interesting or farming. Often enough I only have enough time to farm a little bit, choose part of one crop, and spread harvesting over numerous days. I would like to get more out of the time I’ve put into it. Anyone who has planted fuel crops knows how difficult it is to get it all set up “just right”


Something that makes the sow better/faster. It takes so much time doing your fields/ and you don’t get any xp out of that. There are a lot other topics here and some ppl postet aoe seeder or auto seeder and stuff like that. That would be helpful and a time saver


I only do fuel crops because I can’t stand how the other ones require tilling and will randomly become untilled. But i never noticed anything difficult about setting it up.

Maybe you are doing something I am not? because I really didn’t understand your 5th point.

tillers cant be forged:

They will be fixed sooner or later… more than likely soon™, which is farther away than later.

What is this “update” thing you speak of

It would be awesome if there was a machine we could build that was an automatic harvester and seeder. We just put the seeds into it and power the blocks somehow and collect the finished product. This would take farming to a mad scientist level.


you can make harvesting tools already with zero damage on them

someone bought my last batch of amethyst axes

That would make all farming produce worth 0 coin as anyone can make infinite amounts of it with no effort. It just generates.
There needs to be some user effort :slight_smile: So forget tillers, AoE seeders, AoE fertilizers etc.



There was a good mechanic for replanting in minecraft (maybe it was modded - don’t remember). Basically using tiller on crops that are ready to harvest would harvest them and replant in one click.

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This is the best explaination of the danger with making farming any easier that I’ve seen. :+1:

Due to the fact that seeds can be grown the only factor that affects the value of farming crops is the effort/time required to harvest and replant it. Most crops are already worthless even with the current effort required due to the low demand for them.


Easy answer here :slight_smile: More recipes!


Add yams for shield recipe! And kranut!


Nice thinking and ideas, but honestly I think you have zero chance of seeing this in 2021 with the way things are going


For myself. I don’t like to see the lava. So I chisel the bottom of the deco gravel to hide the lava underneath. This also makes the entire block “smackable” with chosen AoE tool for quick harvesting.

I’d like to breed goats and farm them for adrenal glands. I’m addicted to the speed potion and would like to make my own without hunting nonstop.


Goats? Why would you need wildstocks. Road runners you mean? As we can’t really call them something else(unless you want to go with the real name of a road runner… chaparral birds )


The bottom? That sounds extremely annoying to do and very time consuming.

I was not aware people were doing that.

I can’t even access the bottom of mine with out taking a swim in lava and dying in many areas.

I just cover it up with chiseled black concrete.