Farming Outcomes Effected by Attributes

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I’m loving the farming update, in particular, I’ve been working like a mad scientist to mutate a bunch of colors of goo and I’m absolutely in love with the feel of it!

That being said, I see room for some changes that would deepen the experience and make a farmer skill build more of a thing.

Intelligence should increase the odds of the goo color mutating towards the gleam it’s planted in. Even if it’s a small increase, just having that small increase would incentivize those mad goo scientists out there to spec in to intelligence. Plus, intelligence is pretty much only for forgers and healers right now! Let’s open it up even further!

Luck should impact cultivated crops drop rates much like wild ones. Maybe only an occasional extra seed or crop, but enough to make it worth while. I don’t think it needs a 30% increase, but some kind of increase.

Zeal should provide additional bonuses to Crop and Seed drop rates. Maybe only like 1% per point of zeal, but enough to tip it over. This represents the characters passion for cultivating their crops. This has the added (selfish) benefit of allowing goo seed returns to potentially exceed 100%, by a little, which is my only gripe with goo farming, the lack of an ability to grow your supply, even if slowly.

Seed/Crop Epic
Give us another hard choice epic skill. Either you have to chose Crop Epic or Seed Epic either of which provides a 10% base increase to the returns on either Crop or Seeds. Since it’s a base increase, if you would normally end up with 0% product, you still will since some factor is reducing the output to 0%. But you can see some good increases on the other end of things if you line everything up properly.

I’ve been focused on Goo farming because I LOVE the feeling of carefully mutating my crop to get to a desired product. This makes me want to be able to do something similar with the other crops. But I know that this request has already been put out there, and I have tons of ideas that I don’t want to fill up this post with, so I’ll just leave it at that for now!


These two make the most sense to me. I hope the devs see this and implement that ASAP!

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Just for the purpose of consolidating suggestions:

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I am fine with the other parts and I do enjoy breeding and things that might make this feel even more like a fun science experiment.

Against this… sorry bud. We don’t need more either/or options like this in the skill page area. I think having to pick with the type of crop and the design of it is more than enough.

I think the organic seed rates are great and something that works just fine in the balance of what the Devs envisioned. I do feel that some of the non-organic crops need a bit of tweaking in their returns. It feels a bit harsh. I haven’t done enough yet in that area to decide what is fair.

I should clarify that this is in addition to the current Sowing Epic or whatever the skill is called. Not a replacement.

the intelligence one wouldnt be feasible as it stands, that would require every crop to know the attributes of the character that planted it since the mutation isnt something actively done by the player, but just when the crop matures, and we just cannot store that much information (and would have to be based on when the crop was planted); even if it was just storing a character id thats a lot of extra data and we cannot query the attributes of a character that is offline or on another world etc so wouldnt even be sufficient.

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Maybe check for initial mutation odds at sowing, base chance is 0%, with each point of intelligence increasing that base by 2%? That way you get like a 26% chance that your seed will mutate a step on planting.

Alternatively, it could do that roll on harvest.

Alternative alternatively it could be based on the int of the beacon owner. Kind of like taxes.