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Hi. I have been playing off an on for a couple years now. I recently came back after a long break and found a new thing, Farming!

I am excited. One of the first things I did after finding a nice place to start my base, was to start a small farm. I have a relatively small farm, only 1x2 plots. I watched a video from Jiivita about how to get the farm off the ground, and how to specifically farm Waxy Earthyams (i need wax for several things).

I went ahead and got the farming epic and i got on extra point in farming skill. Then I took the notes I got from Jiivita and started my farm. I made sure that I used Clay soil, that I tilled it, that I had access to water on at least two sides of it within two blocks. Great. Stuff grows.

Right now, my yield is 100% seeds and 188% crop. I am happy with those number but sure there is room for improvement. That is not the topic of this question. My question has to do with TIME.

So this farm is a total of roughly 110 tiles (because I dont have the water chisel so I got creative with a lake and undestroyed water blocks). I only have enough seeds for 74 blocks, fine. I literally plant all 74 seeds within 2 minutes. Every block is planted less than 1 second away from the adjacent blocks.

NOW… When I revisit my farm roughly 50 minutes later (even though it should take like 6 hours), like 10 of the 74 plants are almost done. Hovering says something like 50 minutes left. Another 20 or so show 4.5 hours remaining. Another 20 show 3.5 hours remaining. 10 or so show 2.5 hours. And like 10-15 show 6 hours still.

So now I am confused. The pattern of my farm is relatively uniform. I do have some gleam on one side, but the blocks on that side are largely unplanted. Comparing two blocks inside my repeating pattern that should have identical buffs shows two different growth time values. So I am trying to understand how come some plants grow fast and some grow slow, despite being planted under the same conditions, with the same tools, and with the same skill level.

The main question is: ‘What are the other factors that are affecting my growth time?’ I have what i believe to be the same number of blocks around each part of the farm. I follow the same block construction pattern. I give all of the crops roughly the same amount of water. I tilled every block. They all get about the same amount of light. They all have about the same amount of other crops around them. I mean, at this point, it honestly seems a little random, and that there is no real way for me to optimize the growth speed, and that it seems to be getting selected out of thin air, with no factors affecting it at all… which is a bit confusing to me.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Basically nothing, if you are in natural light.

The time you see (6 hours) is expected growth time. It based on ‘ticks’ and the shorter the growth time, the greater chance of progression each tick.

I’ll see if I can find the relevant post.

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There are ways to speed up growth time using Oortian Mulch and High-Octane Fertilizer (more expensive but great if you need it faster).

(Just an extra tip: light can negatively affect combustion, kindling, goo, and increase or halt growing times)

Basically every grow stage (3 stages I believe)
Every stage has a timer and it gets a shorter timer every time it grows. But it doesn’t mean it grows in that time. Its a chance to grow.

Within said time the :seedling: will grow to the next stage or fail depending on if all needed conditions are met. If not it will fail to grow (restart timer).
That is for all grow stages. You can use fertilizers to speed up the process (or for prestige plants to keep them longer) but unless you need a faster yield on combustion, kindling or cranut (as these need about 2-3 weeks for all to fully grow) I wouldn’t waist the fertilizers.

It’s like Minecraft trees… kinda random, but they all more or less grow eventually.

Unless your kindling doesn’t get enough gleam light and it doesn’t grow for 1,5 months.

(Happened to me😉)


@loushou A group member of mine who I’ve been gaming for a few years put together a farming tutorial and covers all types of farms and also put together a spreadsheet she uses to help setup the farms… really worth a watch… hope this helps you understand farming :slight_smile:

Once the crop hits maturity, is there a timeframe to which you have to harvest? Or can you harvest anytime after it’s ripe?

They won’t wither… I haven’t touched mine in about a month and they still alive and well :slight_smile:

I really appreciate everyone’s reply. Sounds like I am not doing anything wrong. The video was pretty good too. Thanks a bunch, everyone

Crop ripening time is modelled on a Poisson distribution. That means they don’t all ripen at the same rate, but there is an expected point in time where they will all likely have ripened. This is in fact how plants ripen in the real world.

It’s just a touch of harmless reality that makes gameplay a little more interesting, instead of everything being a cold automaton. Imagine if meteors always dropped in the same place at the same time every day and spawned the same mobs who ran in the same pattern. How much fun would that be? Groundhog Day all over again.


Combustion and kindling need 3 days 18 hours…

If yours show a longer time then you need to add more gleam!

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Ok… still not enough light^^

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