Farming Sneak Peek 4: new Machines

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Yet another sharing of my farming testing time - this time focusing on new machines. Showing needed maths and how they work.


Interesting info, thank you.
That tinter will save me some time…ofc depending how easy it is to aquire Colors compared to just mine them.

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I haven’t touched at all goo and colouring system on testing. Really nice feature and seeing those action just wants me to try out those too. This will be really useful and fun new minigame :smiley:

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indeed, mixing colors will be a different kind of game and something reliable for those who hate rng :sunglasses:
and it’s perfect you see the final color without actually crafting, so no time and resource wasting to find that out

we will see how long it will take for players too acquire enough goo pigment of different colors - all will start with exo worlds and can be a while before more colors enter the frame

It is prolly allready answered, but can you Color glass? I believe i have seen some block called “Tinted Glass” somwhere…

nope - glass (and dark glass) don’t support tinting

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Yea sadly i thought so, thank you.

Can’t colour soils or gleam either.

Nor grass…

Or other players. .


I can prove you wrong: