Fastest way to get XP? | Let's Play Boundless 015 | OvisGaming

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I’m back! :wave:

In this video we get started on the main base, with a XP focused build.

I share my thought my thoughts on the Monumental take over news, build something that allows for some EASY xp gains and take a sneak peak at what next episode will be about :fist_right::boom::fist_left:

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Ovis with the absolute best finds :ok_hand: This is definitely something that I will have to make!

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Thanks Quimby! Let me know if you make it! :ok_hand:

Good to see you back and posting videos.
Was fun to watch as always :blush:

I love your content! I am so going to make ine of these! :blush:

@Hazel1558 Hey hazel! Glad to be back, thankyouu, I appreciate it :blush:

@ginabean Gina! Thank you! If you need any help with it, lemme know and I’ll come troubleshoot it :ok_hand:


Man i dont know how u Come up with Theese things haha amazing :star_struck::star_struck:

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Hahaha cheers :smile: Thousands of hours of not playing the game the intended way i think will do it :thinking: