Favorite Programming Language (now with C#)


The language itself is platform independent. The .NET Framework is for Windows only, but nowadays we have .NET Core which runs on Mac, Linux and Windows.

My preference definitely is C# :slight_smile:


Yeah I forgot about .Net. I kinda knew I shouldn’t make that full statement about porting after not checking latest stuff… I such an old dinosaur and was speaking historically… which I know better. Lol.


This makes me miss Delphi…



Careful now, you’re dating yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Yeah, theres that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate dating myself. I’m always 30 minutes late picking myself up, and then I make me wait at least 20 minutes because I’m not ready yet before I can go. Then I insist on ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, followed by deciding I don’t like it and asking for something else. Then I insist on splitting the bill instead of paying for all of it like I’m supposed.


And then at the end, you’re just not quite sure how you took it all. Hopefully you enjoyed it, but maybe you just did one wrong thing that you just can’t handle. :stuck_out_tongue:


And do I call me the next day? No. And I spend the entire day glancing at my phone to see if I’ve called yet. Or sent a text, at least.


Im no programmer but this is by far my favourite



where is Assambler? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … and yes, I once tried to programm in Assambler, but that was before I got my first IBM compatible PC ^^


Old amiga times :slight_smile:

And before that, hex, with tables with all hex commando.


my first trys of programming were on an Amiga 500 with Basic and later AMOS. but to be honest I programmed before even when not knowing that I was, but that was only typing some code in an old Schneider PC to look what happens ^^ (Dichromatic Display and Cassette Drive, any questions? ^^)


Wait … no Delphi in there ??? I’ll have to fix that :slight_smile:


i did the same once on my c64 :smiley:
i was so happy to poke some colors in a while looop


Oh … they days of the POKE and PEEK on my Commodore 64 … The days where you had to know what you were doing or use a trial and error approach. These days a ton of developers get their programming skills from a simple Google search :slight_smile: