Favorite Surprise of the Farming Update?

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So whats your favorite thing about the new update?

I’m actually surprised with how much fun it is to just get distracted and grab some seeds! I’m totally going to be making a vineyard later with a trellis or two.

I’m really loving being able to work with lava and water. Traversing the worlds is a lot more interesting and viable with the new forged tools


Oh yeah! The solidifier?

What color ice and stone does it turn it into?

I’m pretty sure it’s based on the world you’re on

The water will turn into the ice meant for that planet. So now you can get the winter event ice from the planets again. As for the stone I haven’t tested to see which stone type it takes form of.

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It turns lava in to igneous rock.


That’s some fun stuff! That can be very useful for certain exo’s too, I’m sure.

Yay for options!

The beauty in general. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: New exo has the most gorgeous forests, in particular, beautiful lighting, they seem deep and mysterious.


Ooooo going round all the planets again looking for seeds and meeting new folk along the way :grin:


Yeah, yesterday was fun hunting goo with others around me on the new exo! :slight_smile: Saw a lot of folks on the exos, it was quite cool!


My favorite surprise. I came across a tree with hanging fruit I have never seen before so I ate it. I realized I had no pants


Was there a cuttletrunk tentacle that handed it to you and said it was good for advanced farming knowledge too?

Oh my goodness… I just visited my big build I was working on on Flan and it now looks SO good! Like, huge improvements! I’ve seen a lot of builds suffer from the lighting… but I am grateful for that at least!

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