Feature Request: Opacity setting for builder mode

When I’m in builder mode, it’s often very hard to see where my actual plot boundaries are, depending on what planet I’m on and what the light conditions are. One thing that would make this a lot easier, is to make the opacity of the colour showing your plot adjustable.

That way you’re not guessing whether you’re actually in a claimed block, or an unclaimed block with claimed blocks around you, or under a claimed block but unclaimed, etc, etc.


The color that shows up before you place a block tells you if it will be in a claimed plot or not.

Red - Obstructed
Yellow - Block will be in unclaimed plot
Green - Not obstructed and in a claimed plot

Nono. I mean the plots. As in when you’re in B mode :slight_smile: Not when I’m building with blocks.

Edit: To make it more clear, what you see when you’re trying to add/remove plots, basically.

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Ah my bad. A bit more visibility when adding/removing plots would be great.

If you’re not aware: you can change the plot box tint by placing gleam in your beacon: try the cool blue gleam (which tints them a darkish blue); I find it easier to work with than most of the other colors

Yeah. that still doesn’t solve the problem of light conditions, planet colours and my old eyes, though :slight_smile:

Different colours only help up to a certain point. When you’re making a complex build with plots being in a different shape than just a cube, you’ll still have issues.

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