Feature that is needed asap in my opinion


We should be notified in game about beacons that are about to expire within one week.
I know we can check beacons page, but we need better system.

One of my more important beacons just expired and I saved it just in time. Thanks @Xaldafax


There is plans and work being done to email when beacons are low.

Till then, perhaps we can make worth someone’s time to let others know if their beacon is near expiration? I’ll start the trend by offering a gratuity tip to the first person that informs me of an expired or soon to expire beacon. @Xaldafax notified me of a low beacon on a plot worth about 350k prestige, I’ll tip him about 350c next time I see him for his service! (1% of plot prestige value)


email is not enough. We should be informed in game too


Like, a pop up notification or a status effect? An (!) Icon that pops up above the health bar could expand to inform of low beacon fuel when mouse over?


Something like that. Or maybe a notification when you log in - similar to info about skill points reset.


My workaround is to max fuel all my beacons at the same time. It’s quite a trip but this way all my beacons will expire at the same time and I only have to keep track of one expiry date.

But of course notifications would be better.


In game and email would be quite useful ^^

On the topic of expiring beacons… what is the plan for the Oort temple? I’m happy to refuel mine… or if you would rather they burnout so you can take them over :thinking:


I will refuel all Oort temple beacons probably by myself :slight_smile: I don’t want to make any profit on that project.


Oh yeah… I forget that others (added to the beacon) can fuel them lol

Edited for clarification… thanks karokendo ^^


Only people added to these beacons. Strangers can’t.


Your wish is granted! In game notifications are been worked on at the moment.


@michaelb awesome! Thanks devs.

Can’t wait to mark this resolved


you saved me hope its ready soon :smile:


In the mean time, you can check out the beacons you have placed down and how much fuel they have. It’s under places in your character menu.