[Feedback] after a few weeks


Yup! The build in that trailer was all @Nyuudles! It’s pretty fun to go back and read through his process of making it, too:


Ah good, yea i went back and saw the process and i could never do that on my own lol. I wish they couldve kept that city and all the other builds and bring em back every now and then as some type of event


bear in mind that that build took I think many months to build, many of the great architects from early access may be playing other games since quite a few AAA games have recently been released.

There are some unique styles going up around the universe such as Little Japan and Teotichucan and Stargate Atlantis. They just take a lot of time investment, plots, and like-minded people.


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Builds aiming for the same level of wow-ness still exist and/or are being built at this very moment!

Thing is, you dont really want that pixel pac-man right next door to something like this. So these players often intentionally go out to the middle of nowhere to try great things. This makes them hard to come by unless advertised; which often draws people in and you end up with a squatter camp next door anyway :confused:

The alternative is always, start your own wonder of the known worlds!

Little Japan is a beautiful settlement if you want to get back your faith in builders, although less fantastical its still a beautiful themed shared build


I believe Virresss posted a screenshot of a Magica Voxel build he’s planning which looks amazing.


Awesome to see a fresh player’s up-to-date perspective! Great info in there! =D


I agree with much of your post!
I disagree that there aren’t amazing builds to see, they’re just not so easy to find! now that i’ve explored the game for a fair amount of time ive only recently started to uncover some of the more ambitious and amazing builds! I’m actually kind of surprised it took me this long to find them, and perhaps that is a good thing (?) for long term sticking power of the game. However to your point, perhaps these amazing builds need to be somehow more accessible by the masses!

Here is mine on my thoughts on how to improve prestige!


Hehe nooo no I’m not certain of this being the reason at all, I’m merely speculating on why we went from looking like pageant winners to boss baby :blush: I for one enjoy a healthy breeze while out exploring the universe


Diapers are all part of the plan. From a roleplay perspective, we all still wear diapers because we’re just a few months old. From a financial perspective, we’ve only had diapers to choose from for so long that we’ll gladly buy any clothing moving forward just to get out of this horrid diaper :rofl:


I don’t know about you, I’m wearing diapers so I can play longer without a break. Oh, you mean the in-game characters. Carry on…


What, other people don’t be doin this…?


Head to little japan


I would really like to know when is the “guild” update coming out, to know if I should still play the game or not.

The thing is, our settlement on Arie just got taken over by a bunch of a-holes
called “$# LOS MANCOS #$” They know very well that we wanted to be left alone, but they still went ahead with their plans to assimilate us without our consent, removing our settlement’s identity in the process, and it looks like there’s NOTHING we can do about it, which is INFURIATING.

The only thing I could think of was putting up huge signs saying things like “we don’t want your near us” at the borders of our claims. If they want to assimilate us, I hope they choke on it.
The other members of my settlement are already removing all their work in order to move to another world. I just do have the motivation to do the same thing, because of how big my structures are, and how long it took me to make the details.

Knowing that Boundless has been in early access for as long as Creativerse and there’s so little blocks variety to play with (and all the other problems mentionned in the original post) is already something that would make we wanna leave, but having all the work I’ve put into RUINED by some a-holes with such ease is just the nail in the coffin for me. If the Guild update doesn’t fix that, I’m gone.
In fact, Hytale will be released this year, so I will definitely go check it out. If I keep playing Boundless or not on the side depends on what the devs do to fix this issue.


if it is right, james said it would be the first full week of Januari ( So i geuss next week)


Thanks a lot.
I’ve been reading-up on the thread you linked.
This will remove a LOT of anxiety from us.
We’ve been having problems with the people from Los Mancos for about two months now, and they can’t speak english, so when we need to set things right, it’s insanely difficult, having to go through google translate for everything.
But if we can have our settlements connected (to make roads and stuff) while keeping our identity and NEVER see “$# Los Mancos #$” mentionned at the top of our screens when we’re in our homes, and if they don’t get free prestige from connecting themselves to us, that’s great.


you can always start a prestige wars XD i’m sure a guild would love to help with that !
You can also report them various ways. if the ingame reporting doesnt seem to help,
Try to mail towars support@turbulenz.com

Maybe you can get a reply why they didnt help.
Be sure to share evidence of the matter :slight_smile:


We actually started to fill underground rooms with refined blocks, machined copper/iron/silver/gold and decorative gems, but we’re still waaaaay lower than these other guys, by a couple millions.

Anyway, all we wanted was to be left alone, since we’re just a group of friends from another game, but the people from $# LOS MANCOS #$ kept asking us to join them, supposedly to win some prestige war with another group, and we kept saying “no”. So they started forcing themselves on us by building bridge to connect with us without asking for our consent. It’s the third time this happens, and now, some of our people are readying themselves to leave to another world, which is pretty depressing. :s

support@turbulenz.com is the way to contact Wonderstruck?


yeah well regards boundless :slight_smile:

The "Los Mancos" situation on Arie

I contacted Wonderstruck using the e-mail you linked, and James himself came to check the situation.

Thank you SePras for sharing the info, it helped us to get out of the sticky situation we were in, which devolved into the people from the other group plotting inside the empty spaces between our plots, calling their beacon “YOU LOSE” and trying to hide it inside a cocoon of refined blocks (as if that could prevent us from reporting it).