Feedback: From a F2P weekend player

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The game is GREAT, it has a lot of things going for it:

  • Beacon system - A great way to not worry about the home you building.
  • Objectives - It was great having objectives as tutorial instead of forcing me into doing stuff just so I understand how the game works. And after the “tutorial” having a list of objective to do, really kept me from logging off. The moment i finished building my house, I had that feeling of “what now?”, but the objectives gave me some goals that I didn’t think about.
  • The UI is very easy to understand, pop up tips that relating to the thing i’m doing right now.
  • Leveling system - give a scene of progression which games like this doesn’t really have, and this is very nice.

But on the other hand, there are a couple of things that did annoy me a bit:

  • Skill point - I did like having skill points after each level up, but having crafting/movement/combat skills all those types of categories fighting for the same skill points, fills a bit too much.
    I was below level 20, so I could reset my skill tree as much as i wanted, but it felt annoying to change “builds” every moment (I need to place some blocks/craft stuff - i need skill point for that. I need to go mine a bit - need skill point for that. I need to hunt - …).
    At early game, it’s ok to be like that, but from what I understand - at end game you will only have 100 skill points, so no matter what, you will not be able to “be good at everything”.
    In a game like this, it’s NOT ok. In other MMOs you get limited amount of skill points and a lot more combat skills to choose from, in this situation, it’s ok not to have every skill in the game, you aren’t going to use them all anyway.
    But here, my combat skills are taking away my crafting skills which is part of the core game-play of this game.
    If game like this would like to have skill system, it should be something more close to Skyrim, where doing more activities of specific type (like crafting) will level up your crafting skills, and those skill points will be used ONLY for that activity.
  • Combat - the combat in this game is a bit dull, I got to play with crossbow and a bit with the melees. Maybe there is more to it in the late game, but I didn’t get to that point.
  • Time gating - While craft I did find out that we are forced to wait until something is finished crafting.
    It’s something that I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit later in the game, if you craft complex things, but there was a lot of simple stuff that it was just annoying to wait for them (refining stone for example).
  • Cubits - At this point I’m not sure if cubits are the in-game “real world currency”, which if they are it’s really not ok. I mean, if you could buy ONLY cosmetics with them, then sure! but anything else? hell no, especially plots.

I could see myself sink hours more into this game, but the skill tree & cubits does hold me back from buying this game.


Most people buy an alt character with the cubits they get from the early level ups, then quickly level that character and make them a dedicated crafter, and make their first character a miner or something so they don’t have to split the skill points.

Cubits come pretty easily once you get to the higher levels. You can earn an infinite amount of them. Everything in the shop can be bought from just level ups.

Because it’s an MMO, they can’t just give everyone the ability to build as much as they want, because they are paying for the servers, so they do either require you to play and earn cubits through regular gameplay, or buy some cubits off the store. They’ve got to support continued development somehow.

Anyway, great that you tried the game out and posted your feedback. Be cool to see you stay.


Alts in my opinion are not necessary for this game. I preached it before and I will do it again. The more you craft the more proficient you should become at it.
The more you build the more proficient you should become at it
The more you used certain tools and weapons the more proficient you should become with those certain tools/ weapons.

Characters physical stats should get increased per level but everything else to do with armor and environmental protection should require craftable forgeable armor to be worn in the game.

And the endless debate continues.

I’d use alts. Getting three alts to lvl 20 is much easier than getting 1 character to lvl 60.

You’ll get to do lots more, far sooner.

And, yes, cubits are endless.

Cubits are for alts, plots and cosmetics. Everything in-game uses coin. Prices are set by players, not the game.


It will always continue.

You see the need for alts I dnt. If you have access to everything just through a ten second change to an alt then why not just make it available all with one character.

Thanks for the great feedback!

I liked the skillpoint suggestion. The Skyrim model could potentially work well in Boundless. Although, we currently don’t have skill-based leveling, so it would require changing how we level too.

Shouldn’t confuse the OP with your comment and what’s ACTUALLY in the game. You are talking about a different mechanic which doesn’t exist - good or bad.

In response to OP:

You can put points into multiple “skill sets”. Some people like 1 character and multiple skill sets. Some like multiple characters. You’re right it’s hard to choose at the start.

I’ve got more cubits from leveling than I know what to do with :slight_smile: If i was going to plot a city I might get some. But my 1000 or more plots are enough for now!

Edit: btw I agree with everything OP said LOL

I agree of what the op mean about the skill trees.
This why i felt this game need class system instead of skill trees like this.

I mean the ability to crafting the recipe shouldn’t be involve with skill points,
because its the basic functions of the game, if you are solo player without crafting skill you can’t even play the game. But if you spend some points to the crafting skills, your character become extremely useless.
This why player’s solution is making more “alts” to do everything.

This is really weird logic to tell players that you need to create and level up more alts to enjoy every contents.

If there is a class system setup, like hunter / crafter / miner/ builder, and separate the power / vit those basic state to the state point system. Also provide some unique epic skill, it will allow players to get their best in the class they choose, so people will trade even more than before.

Good feedback.

You can indeed buy plots for real money. I agree this is not ok.

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I would have to agree with this unless foot fall didn’t exist.

You spend real world money to buy plots.
Plots generate ingame money.
So your buying ingame money… essentially

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once your main has mined a bunch off rocks
create an alt do tutorial until ya can masscraft and make the alt turn the rocks to stone to refined he be level 20 overnight if ya use lots off workbenches you can repeat this multiple times in a week you have a couple off alts and skillsets to use
crafter/hunter/builder etc
also before alts our main reaches level 20 ya can reset skillset infinite so a level 17alt is super handy to have for example can keep switching his hammer epic to shovel epic ive been playing since beta and release and never had any need to buy plots with real money and def have build some mega projects in the meantime :sunglasses:
i do gonna add that i have the 50 procent plot bonus cause im a pioneer
people spending coin to buy plots dont have a benefit imo what ya do with ya plots is what mathers in this game you could have 8plots well placed that generate more footfall(ingame coin) then a 2000plot project
ow also i run a guild faction and we focus on groupbuilds so we do a lot off plotsharing
some people even dont care about there plots and enjoy the other stuff the game has to offer often i see builders making stuff for other people that dont focus on building that much

i know is alot off tekst lol but also while you building stuff you level from the xp so you never short on plots by the time you finished a project a new wave off qbits allready ready for the next project

if ya havent done a mega grouphunt on a hard planet then you in for a treat
plus soon there be the special enemy that will hunt you and uses warps called the hunter

think switching to one character can be difficult for game means you get to much plots at start to balance the slow leveling past 35
and more off those first week plots that seemed to be fueled forever
there alot that would be bad about just one character a swell
one thing i would like to see changed is having all ya plots and alt plots on one beacon if ya want to
to help out people that cant make tons off beacon fuel all the time