Feedback from a novice player who is worth 3

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Hello to the community of BOUNDLESS,
I am a new player, i only have a few hours of play. I realize the potential of BOUNDLESS and i am happy. So i expect a lot because i really see a great game. I have a first comment to make about the pleasure of playing in the early hours. Knowing that i place myself in a particular context because this kind of games i play with my wife and my daughter who at 8 years old. I know them obviously and i know what they like and what makes them stop a game. So for me the black point at the beginning of the game is the inventory and the time it takes before we can make a storage space. We all like crafting, i like mining, hunting, they like to harvest, build and decorate … It takes a lot of space to store what you can find and there is a lot of it in this game. What a frustration of duty Every 10 minutes choose what inventory item you should throw away!
For now, i test BOUNDLESS for the three of us and I will get them to join me when i feel that they can hang well. For now it’s just impossible, or maybe i missed something ?. Please make sure that we can store our items much earlier in the game. Otherwise i can not play with my 2 female decorators :wink:

Note: sorry for my level of English but i’m a good old Frenchman who does not get any more than that.


Welcome! i suggest using crafting tables cause that is legit the only good storage compared to storage blocks cause storage blocks can only hold 4 smart stacks

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also i don’t think ur 8 year old will like this game as depending on how much patience she has as this game is REALLY GRINDY! and i mean REALLY GRINDY! to even get the aqquired skills and such

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Hello from Allemaña :smile:
This is my first encounter (I’m aware of) of a French player in forum or even the game itself. Nice to meet you. I hope your feedback doesn’t get unnoticed and would be happy to see you in Boundless playing :slight_smile:

Well, that’s upto them to decide :wink: Also, this game is still in pre-alpha and still at the early stages of balancing progression so we shouldn’t flail around that it’s “REALLY GRINDY” as things will change a lot very frequently.


Thats why i said depending and also why talk about the future when all this person is asking about playing NOW

My 8 year old daughter is excited just watching me. She already wants to play it.I’m the one who says no, not for the moment. A little patient. She will not use the attribution of competences. I’ll take care of for her. She wants to build and decorate. She does not like playing alone, so she will always be helped.
In any case she likes the atmosphere that emerges from the game.
@Bokke : I really like the Boundless universe so it will be a great pleasure to meet you in the game.


Actually Volkeyrn is talking about testing the game to see if it’s worthwhile for his family to play either now or in the future

I’m glad that she likes the look of it. I have a 5 year old daughter that wants to play Boundless with me as well. I told her she could use one of my alternate characters (new feature) so the she could get used to moving around and building, under my supervision. Once the game hits a level where I I feel she will be comfortable playing, I will buy an extra copy (or upgrade my package) and get her to join me.