Feedback: Rewards, long-term Monetisation and the Exchange!


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense now!


it’s interesting the subject @Heureka rise, as surely someone will trade in good resources plots that you buy, gather the resources and unplot to let it regenerate… so a copuple of ideas i’m having now:

the price for the plot would be low, as otherwise it wouldn’t be profitable for the buyer… that leads directly to: the price of that plot would be related to the market value of the resources that are inside the plot…
but how would you know how many resource are inside? there would be the need of
a tool wich prospect a plot-wide-area and gives an idea - maybe a graph? - of what’s inside…
and the beacon to plot the area should be a different one, something like a “license for land use” that after 4 days expires, the contract ould simply vanish and the plot turns free again (the owner of the contract would remain with an expired blank token without coords)
the contract would be craftable like a beacon and be limited in 3 recipes: small 1 plot, medium 4 plots and large 9 plots (square shape)
the prospect tool also 3 recipes following the same (small/medium/large)

and don’t forget about “your own world”… wouldn’t you purchase directly your own world instead of packages and packages of additional plots?


Nothing say that your hired world not regenerating.

If i connect with the boundless universe the dev say it should follow same rules as the public worlds.
The only benefit with a hired world (as i see so far) is that you can control who have access to it.

You still need plots to protect from world regeneration.


You can also have a hired world disconnected, where you can make your own rules :wink:


I have to agree with you. I am highly in favor of this change and have had to argue the purpose of the design a couple times already.


Yes, but it would be a lonely world. A big part of the game (at least for me) is to meet other ppl.


This sounds really great. I love that you can get cubits trough normal play as well and that is not exclusively a bought item. But if the cosmetic items are cool enough, theres definitely gonna be people spending some money on that.


I fully support this idea. And still hope that we get to trade in plots which I really want to do and would fit the game perfectly IMO. I only have one critical question: Can we start to use it sooner rather than later? We can get any Qubits we purchase with real money now and after a future restart, right? Would love to start to get my hands on some differentiating looks (hint: like a golden suit).


Definitely looking forward to what other kinds of rewards their might be.

Edited: I previously asked for an option like purchasing coins for qbits, totally forgetting that qbits could also be purchased with real cash. It’s been a long couple days guys :sleeping:


That could really ruin the economy though, as you can buy qbits with real money, effectively meaning you can buy coins with real money, meaning someone could ruin the economy by purchasing lots of qbits and buying out all the shops.
Edit: crisis averted :joy: @clexarews


Oh you right. I just meant there needs to be a third option besides the two expressed in James’ post. Thanks for catching that man! I DID NOT mean to promote buy to win!


Yeah, no problem :joy: the more options the better so long as they aren’t unbalanced :wink:


I think, if I am reading Jame’s post correctly the qbits can only be used in the “exchange” and not to buy from player shops. It also initially looks like they cannot be used to buy any resources other than plots. As long as they stick to this arrangement, does this not protect the economy?


It does more than that - it actually boosts the economy. Players who gather have too many plots currently - so won’t buy more anyway. Players who build will probably buy more plots - increasing demand for everything placed on plots.

Enabling the ability to trade plots will also fuel the economy even more (as it allows players with excess qubit to trade that for coin to builders). It also won’t act as Pay 2 Win since the price will be auto-regulated by supply/demand in plots (where supply will be constant + USD and demand is relatively constant over time - thus more USD will simply drop its value and not crash any market except the plot market).


It was in reference to a comment by @Clexarews:


I misunderstood. I would have agreed with you that using qbits to buy coin would create issues for the economy.

I have not been active for a while and may have missed something. Are the developers indicating they are going to allow trading of plots between players or is this something that you would like to see? What I am understanding from James’ statement is that players will get qbits from in game activity or buy them directly and they can use these to buy plots or other types of items listed.


Trading plots has been discussed and is something I would like to see - but is in no way official.

EDIT: Hypothetically I cannot confirm or deny that they will or will not add the trading of plots.


If they are going to provide qbits instead of plots so that players can select what they want for in game accomplishments, does that eliminate the need to allow for players to trade plots?

Or do you think plots are a resource that players might want versus some of the other items listed by James because they might be able to convert them to coin, if the developers allow for player trading of plots?


This all seems like a considered and well reasoned approach for the future of Boundless. Provided I’ve understood it correctly, I can only really think of a couple of negative that arise from this.

As has already been suggested, the ability to outright buy plots with money could lead to problems with people throwing money at the game to claim vast areas right from the start. If you weren’t already planning something similar I’d suggest limiting the amount of plots that can be bought, either by level or within any given time period. Either of those limitations could probably be soft enough that most players never even notice they exist whilst still serving their function.

With the current list of purchase-ables, you’d better hope you’re not a builder who likes cosmetics. There would really need to be something to purchase that suits each specific play style, so there’s always something useful to spend cubits on for everyone. Otherwise, a non-paying builder will have far less opportunity to buy fun things and any other non-paying player. Sadly, I don’t have any good ideas for what they could be right now.

The Supporter’s Club. I love the idea, but think that despite the number of people that say they’d pay for fluff and ‘just cosmetics’ by way of what is essentially an optional subscription, a great many less will actually do it. I think that you could consider including some minor QoL upgrades (nothing major, or that leaves people feeling like they’re playing half a game if they don’t have it). Things like being able to repair all powering devices connected to a machine could be something exclusive to that. Additionally, if your can find a good way to handle it, it could be a great way to spread the load upon the release of new features. You could give Supporter’s Club members 2 or 3 days headstart.


I’ve been thinking about either free warp travel or some qubits as part of the Supporter’s Club. Another nice benefit might be increased warp distance.