Feedback: Rewards, long-term Monetisation and the Exchange!


Immunity reward from cave critters for Miners? In other words not having them spawn at you for the reward’s duration. Personally, the sound of an unseen Hopper stalking me creeps me out!


I love the Concept, thats just Ingame Store done right (and trust me i saw a loooot of bad stores xD). I personally hate those VIP Concepts but yours sounds really… Cute xD… So cute that i really consider getting that at least once :stuck_out_tongue:.

But i have one little Question, will we keep the Overleveling and just get cubits instead of Plots?


One thing that’s a little unclear from the post - will the alternative levelling rewards also be purchasable with Cubits, or just plots specifically?

In any case, here are some ideas for alternative levelling rewards:


This might be unpopular, but you could set a limit on the number of crafting machines a player can build, which can be increased using the reward. The initial limit should be high enough that casual crafters can still get by just fine on a small scale, but serious crafters who want to build mega-factories will need to invest in it.

Gathering, Hunting, Mining

The reward could be the ability to designate a region as part of your ‘hunting grounds’ (not exclusive; any number of players can designate the same region). This would give some quality-of-life benefits while gathering/hunting/mining in that region, like maybe it will tell you how many of a particular resource are left in the region, or maybe even mark the direction to the nearest resource on the compass.


Similar ability to mark a region to gain a quality-of-life benefit, maybe like telling you what the high/low sale prices are for a resource within that region, or something similar.

What's the purpose of Regions?

Love everything in this post and would gladly spend some money to keep this game running!


I guess I’ve been playing too many MMOs, because this is similar to what I figured it would be.

Thanks for posting this James, this clears up all of the questions I had. To be honest, I actually like this plan better than any one that I could think of. It sounds extremely fair and flexible based on each person’s play style.


@james Same here im always lacking more plots :slight_smile: thats the one of 2 main reasons i bought founders pack :slight_smile: one to support this game cause i love it and i know that if more ppl support the game financialy it will be active for a longer time and second reason were plots perks :slight_smile: so i really love the idea of plots microtransactions :slight_smile: also about the exp gains. huntes realy need to be tuned down. cause for people who do not prefer hunts, getting levels is by a lot slower thrugh other means like building crafting mining etc. i like to do everything in the game but i am aware that not all players do everything. so this i hope will be balanced a lil bit more. also as an idea for additional sources of funding the game servers and devoloping team and all stuff are indeed microtransaction and here are my ideas:

  1. cosmetic skins for characters, blocks (which will give unique more epic look), for example different colors that do not exist normally. this is definitly not pay-to-win (simmilar concept is Path of Exile game) which is an rpgmmo free to play and they are flowing with money thanks to this brilliant idea of only comsmetic microtransactions.

  2. another idea might be daily or weekly youtube streams from development team on twitch/youtube or even videos. im almost sure people would help with donations for those vids or maybe some tutorials? showcases? done by dev team for the player community. i bet ppl would love that :slight_smile: i would ^^

My last big ask to dev team and marketing team. Please advertise this game in the social/game media so we will have much more people ingame :slight_smile: this game is superb but it lacks advertisment. ill reopen my youtube channel for this purpose maybe not much but i hope it will get through to some ppl :slight_smile: and make them try the game :slight_smile:

well thanks for reading my post :slight_smile: i hope u like my ideas :slight_smile:


one possible solution could be to have two difrent kinds of cubits. gold would be bought and used only for plots and cosmetics. silver would be earned by leveling and be good for more specific rewards like primo foods for hunters or double plots or something along those lines.


Good plan @james ! You addressed most, if not all, concerns I have had. As usual, the team paid attention to the concerns raised and responded well.

Last night I gifted a son (over there in England) an Adventurer package. Now, if you create the ability to take credit cards or something rather than just PayPal I’ll be upgrading. :star_struck:


Thnk you James
and thanks to all the developers team :slight_smile:

More ideas have been written in the thread by players, some are enjoyable, other i don’t like :confused:
but i belive that basically the good path we were all waiting for to be definitively taken is this one

i hope, for the game long lasting life, for us players and for the devs team, that the “Purchase your own world” will work as hell, if well done it WILL work (and for “well done” i intend marketing campaign… a the idea is already good and balanced)

and about that: the advertisement for the game launch will be absolutely important, beatifull games have sadly failed because only few were aware of theyr existence,
if there will be a way to economically partecipate specifically for the “GAME BIG LAUNCH PARTY”, i’m certain some of us will (i would surely) just donate, without anything more than the will for “our” game to have succes
i know the game is not our, but i want this beautifull game, that some of us is following since 3+ years, to be well known and recognized as it deserves


@james Will the ratio of plots per level be the same? Most of the time when implemented a special coin upon level up, the price of things are ridiculously expensive.

Will I expect to see 10 plots per level still if I decide that is the only reward I ever wanted? Will this reward still be affected by backer purchases?


Regarding the flatness of XP gain… you guys sneaked in an upgrade to the XP from repairing machines… On behalf of an undisclosed portion of crafters I’d just like to say thank you, I love it :wink:

@Liveey :

Spanner effectiveness!

Flat exp, flat progression, flat wallet :ok_hand:


I think this all seems fine but my only concern is space. Once you can buy plots people can buy up e.g. all the plots around resource spawns so nobody else can build there. Sapphire now but with financial competition to lock off the best spawn spots.

If there’s infinite worlds that’d be fine (I understand you can rent one and protect it) but the current size public game may turn into a bit of a nightmare. Finding a nice setting for my building experiments on a public planet was one of the most pleasurable parts of the game for me. I’d be frustrated to find all the nice bits of a planet taken soon after release, for example, when I’m starting from scratch. Will there be an upper limit to plots or some kind of other moderation?

I’m all for supporting with extra cash for non p2w stuff. Bring it on. Lovely to see an open idea discussion here .


Players always want to level up at the fastest rate so that they can be quicker to the level where they can do more.

Why do you think that “if the player level up too quickly, the low level planet will become meaningless”?
The low level planet is always safe and livable.

As you said, what you should do is to make the player’s level up curve smoother and to develop more content for max level player.

As a MMORPG based on the voxel sandbox, I don’t think players would like to still use weak tools for endless collection labor, or use weak weapons to fight against the enemy on the death verge, after playing dozens of hours.

The process of level up to max should be a learning and understanding the game rather than a hard work.

A nice level up/content curve should like this


This is sounding really good @james Can’t wait to see how it all goes!


Only negative i can think of is if there is unlimited plots to buy.

If i can buy unlimited plots, run around and plot everything i see for future use, or for selling, then there will be a lot of plottet unused spots all over, blocking others.



@james , sounds great. And honestly being able to buy plots shouldn’t ruin anything. There will be so many planets and so on. I for one will probably use most of my plots on my planet to make a city. Let’s face it, people use plots now to reserve spots on the tiny few planets we have. It’s going to happen. As far as spots go in this game it’s kind of “finders keepers”, or wait until the beacon runs out.

To be continued…


I thought this package on the game site meant that it would be free post release, as it doesn’t have an “Instance Access” line and it says “FREE”. Is that not the case?

Also I’m totally going to sign up for VIP or whatever it gets called.


That’s a competition right? It says 1 entry to win… So yes, if we are being pedantic, the 1 winner won’t have paid :joy:


Tis just a contest, but considering I’m already a master @james would that make me vip or would I need to buy something else?