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I like Boundless very much but there’s only very important thing that I hate on this game everytime I play it, I hate that in one Server there are not much Planets and on all the planets are building that were much to big and also you as a player have not much area to expand your home because there’s other player’s homes everywhere around you!!! Please Developers, Create more Planets on one server, PLEASE!! ;(

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What region are you talking about? AUS? What planet specifically are you having trouble finding room for a base?

Every planet is its own server. They are networked in regions so you don’t see all of them in the sky at the same time. You need to go to hubs to connect to far away planets that aren’t within eye shot of your planet. Hubs are connected to one of the planets you can see in your sky.

Example of a hub: Finata

This planet connects multiple grids of servers together so people can go through Finata to reach places in different regions. Hubs naturally attract more players because they’re connected to low tier planets and high tier planets. They are a good location to set up a store.

I understand your frustration wanting that perfect spot to build on. Let me give you one bit of advice. Home is where the heart is. If you’re searching for that perfect spot to start, begin here and now. You will never find the goal if your goal is searching for it. Make it yours.

I spent quite a few hours over 3 days running around multiple planets looking for my location away from others. Ended up going with a T3 world. In the end it was totally worth it. I love the location and I have very few, not so close, neighbors.

Are you on AUS server? All other servers have a good number of planets. Additionally all planets still have lots of empty space, so if you are feeling cramped there are lots of open areas where you can build far away from other players.

I landed on a planet and put my beacon down! The place was not perfect, few whole not many trees, but I made it my own and created something useful :hugs:

If you’re looking to not change anything I can see that being difficult in my situation I changed the landscape.

If you can find your way to Minorengle, we’ve got quite a few untouched wide open areas, rolling hills and only the occasional spitter squad showing up. Its in the US-West group of planets.