Feelings about XP change - Poll

Let’s not change the Xp rate it is a shard as it is let’s take a poll

  • Let’s not change it it would be horrible
  • It doesn’t really matter to me either way
  • Let’s change it

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lets change it!

If I wasn’t okay with opinions y I would

What XP change? Do you mean the level cap increase and cubit-per-xp reduction? Or are you suggesting a change to XP gain?

Level cap?

I thought it xp gain was decreasing it by half

If not then sorry for the waste of time most likely

Because you will be able to have more than 100 skill points per skill page, they are increasing the max displayed level from 50 to something like 180. Because those levels are higher, they have higher XP requirement.

In addition to that, cubit gains were adjusted so that the xp cost per cubit gained goes up over time up to the level cap.

In the current live universe, level 50+ costs 200,000 xp and gives 300 cubits (666xp per cubit)
On the test universe as of 249.2, level 190+ costs 1,352,000 xp 1,000 cubits (1,352xp per cubit)

This means that players above (current) level 50 or so will see fewer cubits per xp they gain, with diminishing returns up to the new level cap.


Ok thank you for clearing that up can some one close this please

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Here’s an excerpt from the dev post:


Closed at the request of the OP.