Feels bad


I feel terrible…was showing a new player around last night and got disconnected…lagged…black screens…blue screens…most unplayable its ever been. Was on my home planet too. Last thing i tried to do is show him the portal system…im sure i lost him on another planet. If anyone sees Shortsocks out there…tell him im sorry.


He’s lost to a highher cause man, don’t wory, you did your best, he’s in a better place now. who knows in a few years from now you might meet again but don’t feel bad if he’s forgotten you, it just takes time for them to grow on their own. :face_with_monocle:


Sup Thrakk,

ShortSocks here! You didn’t lose me. I know how to get back home and find you. no worries.


Oh snap, he knows where you live. O_O


No socks are too short to get you back home I guess.


I know where all of you live :wink: