Now that farming has been out for a bit.
I’ve realized fertilizer really isn’t worth it.
I have a good sized farm now which is producing a decent amount of combustion particles and kindling shred. But I feel fertilizer should add yield not just shorten the time. Maybe like 20% to both crop and seed nothing too crazy. Also it takes me between 2-3 fertilizer to do my whole farm. Which is pretty time consuming squiring one at a time and you get 0xp for it.

I do garden a bit in the real world. And fertilizing definitely help plants grow faster, bigger and creates more yeild.

So I’d love to see these adjustments to fertilizer.

20% yeild bonus to fertilized crops(seed and crop)
1-2xp for the process of fertilizing

And possibly added durability to the fertilizer itself. Though if the first 2 suggestions were added then this may not be necessary.
Another alternative would be adding AOE to the fertilizer to speed up the process.


Hope this helps. :beers:


Personally, I just love using the fluids and solidified blocks for crafting. Kind-of wish there were more ways to use the solid blocks for crafted decorations, but I digress.


For me the fertilizer allows me to harvest more than once a day. I only use it when I know I’m going to be on for a long time or know I will be on later in the day. Otherwise I’m usually not on long enough to be there for full maturity and replant.


Of course my only real example of this is exo yams which go from about 9 hours to about 5 hours after fertilized. So if there are other plants that take longer I can see where it might be considered not necessary.


More than 3 days for combustion fractions and kindling mass. 2.5 days with fertilizer. I don’t crop all at once. I crop what’s ready once a day and reseed and reapply fertilizer.


Yeah doesn’t seem to make as much sense for that crop. I just wanted to point out that the fertilizer is not useless just maybe not important for everything. me being able to harvest twice in a day with it literally doubles my output.


I like the fertilizr personally but I have a smaller farm and it bascially allows me to boost production on my setup^^


I use fertilizer for my goo farm and the few exotic yams i have. Anything else is a waste if time for me


Yeah I know it’s pretty good for the exotic yams. And a lot of the organic crops are quicker yeild.
But I’m not doing any of those cause my guild mates have all that covered. I’ve been spending a lot of time farming and noticed I’m it really isn’t worth it to fertilize these crops. And I’ve been gaining very little xp for the effort 1-2xp would help.
You gain xp for everything else.
To make the blocks you need to get more crops (compact combustion and enriched) you need more of the same crops your growing. It’s kind of a catch 22.
I’m pretty much making this stuff because I want to build with it. So I need lots.


Different fertilizers with different effects, and more block types affecting crops in different ways would be super welcome imo.


A sprinkler system would a useful addition especially since we can now store liquids.


I would love to get some super-food fertilizer for better crop or seed yield % or even a chance to drop a new material? Sounds like potential to me


All the benefits of fertilizers can be covered by simply building a bigger farm at the moment; I think where they’ll really shine is with decorative crops where they actually keep your plants “looking brighter for longer™”

In cases where you want to use a specific number of plants in a certain position for decoration or effect, having them around longer will be useful. If you’re just going to spam them for prestige; review point 1 above.