Few questions? Is that allowed?

I was wondering about some of the crafting capabilities within Oort, is there a location I can go to get building recipies/Item use references?


Also available in video format here Its missing chisel recipe, but I think that’s it.

And yes, questions are always welcome.

Thank you, Kuro and Tercel. Sorry for the late response. I watch kids during the day for my brother’s, and they had just gotten there when you had posted, Kuro.

No problem at all^^ Glad I could help.

So what does the Chisel do? Not very many Items out there for crafting, but thats okie. Fort/house decorating is 9/10 of what I enjoy doing.

Chisel allows you to slope blocks

Aw! That’d be cool if the Chisel when used on rock would carve incantations, or used with rocks could be used as “Runes” for magical purposes.

Oh, I tried using the chisel on a rock earlier, and it didn’t slope like that. Do I have to have a Beacon nearby or do I need to have something special other then the chisel?

Only certain blocks can be chiseled, soft blocks mostly.

Only ‘soft’ blocks will make slopes. To the Wiki!

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Ooh! Alright, thanks for the information! I was using stone. (I have gravel)