Fidach’s Farm Supplies - New to Nova Golda!


Stand C2 in Nova Golda Market is now open!

products and prices

More lines/stock will be added as it becomes available.

Don’t forget to check out Coin Converters in the NW corner of the market:

I personally just added 270000c to baskets now, and all the other shop owners keep their baskets well coined, there is millions of coin available.

Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread

How do you get to nova Gilda. I would like to check this out coordinates please.


How does the harvester work?


Rough coordinates on Trung are around: 718N 1345E Alt 65.


Just curious as to why the Oat seeds are significantly more than rice and Wheat? Am I missing something in their rarity? I think @uni3k also charges a premium for them, just trying to understand the reasoning.


To be honest im just flat out guessing with farm stuff prices and testing the market. Agree the ancient oat seems overpriced and isnt selling so i dropped prices last night actually.

Its a tricky one with everything being so new, market is really volatile and will take a while to settle, so im tweaking prices as i go and trying to find some sort of balance with the rapidly changing supply/demand.

From my limited gathering it seemed oat was rarer, at least on the 2 or 3 planets i have gathered on, but i tend to be more of a trader and buy/sell most things so probably not the best real world judge.

Oat seems super easy to farm too so i would expect there will be a flood. Rice actually seems like the rarer one now in my world.


Ok, thanks for your reasoning. I agree that Oat is easy to multiply once you have a farm up and running so it’s price will bottom out.

Rice requires a little extra set up so I can see the yields being not so high, however the rice meals don’t sell that great anyway so demand won’t be massive.

Everyone wants wheat for the pies and loaves, how much is it worth to you to run up and down fields harvesting and planting for hours on end… that is the price wheat will settle on.


Thats great insight too, thanks. Cooking is the one part of the game ive never really done, so i have no idea really what these mats are used for which certainly doesnt help.

The econonic impacts of this update is really interesting, its not like any other where its been a few items you can mostly judge the worth of. Farming is a totally different thing. Who knows how many 10s of 10000s of plants have been setup, or how many more will. I can see it being a moving space for a while.


The harvesters are all wooden axes with aoe 4 and magnet. The third boon is either speed, or energy saver, some have no 3rd boon.

Speeds up harvesting crops with virtually 0 chance of damaging the farms (make sure your farmer doesn’t have axe skills).

They can go pretty quick due to low dura, hence the relatively low price.

I gave @AeneaGames to try out, she now uses them to harvest her farms.

Check out Noms 'n More, across the market, for speed brews and persisting pies to assist as well!


I’m in the same boat as @uni3k here.

I’m just trying to find a level where they will sell, that justifies the effort put in to farm.

Prices will be tweaked, and items added.

Problem is, shop owners have only really each other to try to work out prices from!

So any input from potential shoppers would be much appreciated.

Would you be interested in buying the wheat/oat/rice/etc too?

Would you rather the raw product, or bags of oat/flour/etc?

I only really went down the seeds route.


At least we have each other now! Haha. I couldn’t find any sort of consistency in prices in others shops, most i saw were people selling a few bits that all had hugely varying prices, so i was pretty happy when i saw you were setting up a dedicated farm supply too so i could at least get some ball park if i was on the right track or not.

Hope it goes well for you!


Heh, I based my prices on yours mostly, talk about the blind leading the blind! (um, can we say that anymore? hope no-one takes offence :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Are you selling product, or just seeds?


Haha. Did we just become the experts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just selling seeds/anything to setup a farm in the barn, but we sell produce (and more seeds) in our two other shops as well


Well, it’s the main reason why I farm, my Noms 'n More :wink:

I need wheat for for loafs and pies, I can use oats with buckets of water to create buckets of milk (tho the price of milk glands has dropped and is thus still easier to use). I haven’t even planted rice yet as I have no actual use for it. I will, but just as a novelty, nothing more. I need exo yams for persisting pies.

Regular yams, well I do tend to dig a lot so I have soooo many still of them and still keep getting more so I planted a few but are not really a priority right now. Waxy yams, ehmm, absolutely no use other than for not too often used things like wax, there’s something else too I thought, ehmmm, Boundless Crafting to the rescue! Ah yes, the energising foods, lol, I should’ve known, not really big sellers but need to make them once in a while.

Kranuts, haven’t planted yet, not a necessity, tho they can be used to make the oils with less of the other mats.

Tho of course I do make my own now :wink:

And yes, those harvesters are fricking fantastic. My fields are 5 crops wide and 80 long, had to run 5 times over those fields, now I runs 2 times and can run faster doing it!

And wood is perfect, especially at speed, you tend to hit some of what you build and it doesn’t break it.

Yeah a while back we had some site that was kinda rather usable for most people but the maker of the website is AWOL and now all the new materials aren’t even in the database. Plus it’s chock-full of very old data making the site rather unusable at the moment so I barely do. I can now run my own scanner on the PC but I stopped doing it, makes no sense anymore. The site has become what someone was afraid of it would, unusable. Now the wait until someone makes something much better…


Restock of inorganics, more goo colours added!