Fields of Lavender

Remember, remember - the Fields of Lavender.
Somhow, I wantt epic lavendulous fields and plains with the stalks and stems bowing to the wind. Purpula.


Am i a moron or does this not make any sense?

Why so?
My suggestion is to dye grassleaves in purple color.
Not so difficult to percieve.
And maybe add density too.

I don’t consider you a moron, if that is the question.

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Oh. so it is english, alright fair enough, good suggestion :smiley:

Some planets had lavender grass before the texture update, but the color was too saturated and got swapped for lighter colors. Made me sad, my home world Sedatars had deep red grass that contrasted so well with my builds :confused:.

I wouldn’t take my English as a means of learning it. It works for communcation and I enjoy talking in English, but nevertheless I make a lot mistakes. And often not sure if its absolutely correct. So, mh hm yep - weird form of expression I haves sometimes. But it’s fun to me : ) And in a forum it is way easier to brag with ones verbal skills. I tend towards the classic Babble-Blast. Type until the smile on your face while typing diminishes into a :frowning: , then stop, review. And voila: babble-blast-madness :slight_smile:

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Oh apologies, it wasnt meant as an insult at all, i literally just got confused, what threw me off completely was that the first part is a twist of the Guy Fawkes rhyme so thought it was a translation to something semi-english like welsh

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Yes - fields of lavender! I’m really keen to have some “flower biomes”. See the following as visual examples:

Think they’re beautiful and could add some great contrast to other more bleak + survival focused biomes.

Got any images to share as inspiration?


I live in the middle of lots of rapeseed fields (the English name for that plant is pretty unsettling :smile: ) and the rich yellow colour that goes on as far as the eye can see every spring looks pretty amazing.

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Sword Art Online Flower Floor


I think this is atmospheric.

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Get inspired! ~(^-^)~


OH YES!! we NEEEED lavender lots and lots of it! its my favorite flower and seeing fields of purple would make me insanely happy! :grinning: :purple_heart:

Maybe on my home world of Lapas? Pretty please?